Tourists can now use their Visa and Mastercard to top-up their wallets on the e-CNY app



  • Through the recent Chinese tech advancement, the e-CNY app now enables tourists to recharge their wallets using Visa and Mastercard.
  • China leads the Central Bank’s Digital Currencies (CBDCs) adoption and enforcement along Nigeria and the Bahamas.
  • The integration of these international cards streamlines transactions for tourists who will now not have to go through the tedious FOREX processes to transact within the state.

The e-CNY app now enables tourists to recharge their wallets using Visa and Mastercard by providing a prepayment option. Visitors to the People’s Republic of China can recharge their Digital Yuan Wallets using the master card option currently offered by the e-CNY app. China is among the countries that have adopted the use of the Central Bank’s Digital Currencies (CBDCs) along Nigeria and the Bahamas.

The new e-CNY update 

Individuals can now use e-CNY by accessing their digital Yuan wallets on the e-CNY apps, which are still in their pilot stages. The app is currently available to IOS users on the Apple store and Android users on the China-based Google Play store.

The latest update on the app enables IOS users to top up their wallets using international cards such as Visa and Mastercard. The update coincides with the commencement of the Asian Games, according to a few media outlets in the country, which is expected to be a great International event. 

China has been making various strides to enable tourists to use their CBDCs. The Beijing Olympics saw the launch of CBDC use by foreigners as they purchased or made transactions with local vendors utilizing the country’s native digital coin,e-CNY.Visitors can now register on the e-CNY app using their foreign numbers and recharge their wallets, which they can now do using their Visa Cards.

The integration of these international cards streamlines transactions for tourists who will now not have to go through the tedious FOREX processes to transact within the state, making the country even more appealing as a tourist destination. 

The strategic integration shows China is devoted to exhibiting its new technological move to the world. The government also showcases itself as a forward-thinker and the country as a tourist-friendly destination.

China’s efforts in enhancing CBDC adoption

China’s Central Bank Digital currency, e-CNY, has undergone significant upgrades in the past few months as the government tries to modify the digital asset to be more operational in retail scenarios. 

According to the Director of the Digital Research Institute, Changchun Mu, in his speech at the Annual China International Service Trade Fair, China CBDC has already undergone upgrades in its business model and organizational structures. The only impending structure is the payment tools, such as the e-CNY app. 

The recent update on the app indicates that China has begun focusing on payment tools to ensure that the CBDC is fully operational.

In his speech, Mu added that commercial banking apps such as Alipay and WeChat keep in mind that they opt to comply with all regulations imposed. He said these banking apps may develop QR codes for the CBDC as a short-term solution while seeking a long-term way of upgrading their payment tools.WeChat later announced it would have e-CNY as a payment option on its app, further spreading the digital currency’s popularity.

On September 19, 2022, the Peoples Bank of China Vice president announced that the e-CNY launch would gradually continue across the first four trial cities. However, no time frame was given for this plan. So far, the digital yuan pilot program has expanded across 23 cities in China. 

The Vice president further emphasized that he hoped that all institutions within those regions where the pilot programs are taking place would continue in their efforts to promote the use of the new CBDC to help strengthen the adoption of the currency. The latest upgrade indicates that China is now shifting its focus to an international scale.

Three years into the e-CNY pilot project, the government still appears to have a hard time ensuring its national adoption. The government now seems to employ a different approach by directing its efforts outside the Chinese borders.

The latest update on the e-CNY app is one of the measures the Chinese government is pursuing to ensure the CBDC reaches global adoption by making it accessible to tourists. The latest move also showcases China’s innovations to the world as it coincides with a large international event that will attract dignitaries worldwide.

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