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Web3 is an emerging field of technology that combines blockchain, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence applications. It provides a platform for developers to create groundbreaking web-based applications and services that can help businesses stay competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape. With so much growth potential, it’s no surprise that many people seek ways to crack a job in Web3.

Searching for jobs can be an intimidating and time-consuming process. Therefore, we have compiled the top 13 websites to search for Web3-based employment to make it easier. These websites focus on blockchain, crypto, and Web3-related job postings.

Web3 jobs

Web3 Jobs has quickly become one of the world’s most sought-after Web 3 job boards, with a catalog of over 22,000 postings for over 2,500 projects in diverse industries. Many industry giants like Polygon, Ripple, Stripe, UNICEF, and Techstars use the platform to search for new talent via the website. Seamless navigation helps job seekers browse suitable opportunities, from paid DAO members to UX designers and interns to game developers. 

The website also offers entry-level Web3 jobs that don’t require prior professional experience. Those searching for remote opportunities can do so, too – a specialized section showcases such roles.

Cryptocurrency jobs

Cryptocurrency Jobs is one of the top job boards for blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. This popular platform allows users and employers from large companies such as AAVE, Algorand, Argent, Consensys, Gitcoin, and the Ethereum Foundation to quickly post job openings, making it simple for users to search jobs. The advertised positions are varied, including customer support, design, engineering, finance, marketing, and non-tech roles, as well as operations, product, and sales. Therefore Cryptocurrency Jobs provide an excellent resource for those looking to land a significant role in cryptocurrency.


Remote3 is a website that allows job searchers to find remote-only jobs in the blockchain and Web3 space. In addition, it enables companies to connect with employees from a vast network of talented people worldwide. Notable firms using Remote3 for hiring include Maple Finance, Penguin Finance, Donut, Palmswap, Zebec, Status, and Syndica. While it may not be as popular as its competitors like Web3 Jobs or Cryptocurrency Jobs, the website stands out for providing companies with the ability to post their jobs and gather job listings from some of the largest crypto companies.


CryptoJobsList is an impressive presence in the Web3 and cryptocurrency job space. Users see their website’s sheer impact on the industry, with over 6,800 job postings and 110,000 applications accepted for Web3 jobs alone. Furthermore, a list of industry verticals and job types demonstrates how comprehensive CryptoJobsList is – from developer to marketing to DeFi jobs. Not only does this powerful platform offer access to these opportunities, but it also provides salary data from anonymous salary submissions. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that large companies such as The Ethereum Foundation and Huboi are taking advantage of the solution offered by CryptoJobsList.

Gaby’s Web3 Job Board

Gaby’s Web3 Job Board is a unique opportunity for job seekers, offering specially-curated postings you wouldn’t find elsewhere. So whether you’re looking to break into the blockchain space or already have the experience, Gaby’s Web3 Job Board has something for everyone.

Opportunities range from small startups to major crypto players like AAVE, Polygon, and the Sia Foundation, with roles in software engineering, marketing, sales, business operations, product, creativity, and more! With such a variety at hand, Gaby’s Web3 Job Board brings quality postings straight to your fingertips.


RemoteOK presents a unique offering of job postings and services to those who work remotely. With a total reach of 1.8 million job seekers, the company partners with an impressive list of major businesses – from Amazon to AngelList – and crypto startups like Argent, Kraken, Rarible, and Blockchain.com. What’s more, for those looking for additional protection in case of accidents or illness, RemoteOK has teamed up with SafetyWing to provide affordable health insurance for remote workers and freelancers. A visit to their Web3 page will present individuals with more than 230 job opportunities from established companies and small startups.


Last but not least, Linkedin provides an impressive list of cryptocurrency and Web3 job postings. Potential employees can find everything from sales and engineering positions at major companies like Coinbase to blockchain developer jobs for smaller startups. Moreover, the platform offers an excellent way for those looking to break into the crypto world to connect with potential employers and help established professionals build their networks and find the perfect job opportunity.


BuiltIn is one of the most prolific technology job boards on the internet today, focusing on niche tech sectors like AI, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more. Their remote role offerings and a significant focus on cryptocurrency-specific jobs make them stand out from other sites. With nearly 34,000 companies using BuiltIn to hire for positions ranging from engineering to content writing to UX design, there are roles for any tech-savvy individual interested in cryptocurrency. Additionally, with 940+ Web3 jobs across 27 companies like Consensys, Okcoin, and Blockchain.com, BuiltIn makes it easy for hungry crypto pros to find consistent work!

AngelList Talent 

AngelList Talent is one of the premier platforms for job-seekers to find success in the ever-evolving tech industry. Boasting over 130,000 job postings and counting, AngelList offers dozens of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 opportunities. With 170+ blockchain-related and 80+ crypto-specific jobs available, it’s no wonder the website’s name comes up so often when discussing high-quality tech staffing. However, AngelList’s search functionality can be tricky for users unfamiliar with its terminology and navigation system. Still, overall it remains one of the go-to places around the world for companies looking to find next-generation tech talent and innovative workers ready to take on exciting tech challenges.

CB Recruitment

If you’re looking for top talent in the Crypto and Blockchain space, look no further than CB Recruitment. This great site connects industry specialists with companies in several areas, such as DeFi, Metaverse, VC & Mutual Funds, NFT, and GameFi. The Coin Bureau powers the platform, which means its users can be sure to access quality advice on their job search—or when helping others find relevant opportunities. Furthermore, CB Recruitment features a regularly updated blog packed with helpful guides and the latest industry news. With its plethora of options for employers and job seekers alike, CB Recruitment is the perfect place to start your search for that ideal candidate or dream job!


Remotive is an excellent platform for remote job seekers and companies alike. With a focus on technology roles, Remotive offers over 3,000 jobs and 500+ postings in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 space alone. As if that weren’t enough, users can also take advantage of helpful articles and tutorials compiled by Remotive’s experts, plus a functional mobile app for job alerts. Remotive also offers additional support via its Slack community and active blog, making it one of the premier resources available today. So whether you’re looking to move into crypto or find that perfect remote job opportunity, Remotive is an excellent resource worth considering!

Crypto Jobs Daily

Crypto Jobs Daily is a great way to find your dream job in the exciting world of Crypto and Web3! You can easily use the jobs page, companies page, and categories page to narrow down on tailored searches.

This self-service platform ensures you only see jobs matching your preferences and interests. With regular updates providing interesting roles, you’ll be sure to find a suitable posting. It’s quick, simple, and convenient – head to Crypto Jobs Daily today and take the first step towards a future career in this innovative field!

Web3 Creators

If you need help searching for the right job, Web3 Creators has resources beyond postings. Are you looking to be inspired? You can find stories and insider information on the website that will spark your imagination and excite you about the possibilities ahead. Not only will you gain insights into different aspects of work in creative fields, but you can also hone your skills with accessible tutorials and guides. Looking around the website is a great way to refuel your creativity, sharpen your knowledge and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals.


Finding the right job in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 can be difficult, but with the help of these thirteen websites, you’ll be sure to find something perfectly suited to your skill set. 

From AngelList’s vast selection of jobs to Crypto Jobs Daily’s tailored searches, there is a perfect destination for every aspiring tech worker! With a little effort, you can easily find the job of your dreams and launch your career in this innovative field. Good luck!

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.


Who is a Solidity developer?

A Solidity developer is a specialist who writes, troubleshoots, and maintains code in the Ethereum programming language Solidity.

Who is a DeFi analyst?

A DeFi analyst is someone who researches and provides analysis on decentralized finance (DeFi) products, such as smart contracts, protocols, and financial products on the blockchain. They analyze data and trends to assess risk, formulate strategies, and recommend investments.

What does a blockchain engineer do?

A blockchain engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems.

What is a Solidity boot camp?

A Solidity boot camp is a crash course in the Ethereum programming language Solidity. The boot camp gives you an intensive introduction to Solidity fundamentals and teaches you the skills needed to write, deploy, and maintain code in the blockchain space.

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