Tokenized assets not just for crypto fans anymore


  • Tokenizing real-world assets is not just for major financial entities anymore; smaller crypto-native players are also joining the fray.
  • The interest has expanded from just large institutions to include on-chain entities, like MakerDAO, that tokenize tangible assets.
  • There’s a notable shift in the landscape with decreased interest rates making real-world assets more appealing for yields.
  • Improved tokenization infrastructure is bolstering the appeal and credibility of real-world assets.

It was once believed that tokenized assets were exclusively the brainchild of crypto-heads and blockchain buffs. But times have changed, and the narrative has taken an unforeseen twist.

As we’ve inched closer to the end of this decade, the concept of tokenizing real-world assets (RWA) has captured the attention of not only mammoth financial entities such as Citi, JPMorgan, and Northern Trust but also smaller, crypto-native players.

Diving Deep into the Tokenization Evolution

Back in 2015, the banking giants brushed off the allure of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Yet, there was something irresistible about blockchain’s underlying ledger technology. It promised the moon: 24/7 settlement, surefire execution, and slashed transaction fees.

Who wouldn’t want a slice of that cake? But the pivot in the tokenizing tale isn’t rooted in these financial juggernauts alone. A new wave has been ushered in by smaller players who now see the promise in tokenizing real-world assets.

Maria Shen of Electric Capital weighed in on the subject, highlighting a shift in the demographic of interest. Previously, the dominant dialogue revolved around behemoths like high-net-worth individuals, university endowments, and pension funds.

But now, the limelight has turned to on-chain institutions. A perfect illustration of this change is MakerDAO, a decentralized finance protocol. This platform isn’t simply trading in crypto; it’s engaging institutions to borrow their stablecoin and tokenize assets like T-bills.

To simplify, Maria Shen sees three categories of users in this blossoming realm of RWAs:

  1. Everyday consumers using tokenized assets for tasks like remittances and savings.
  2. Corporate entities leveraging stablecoins to square off with their suppliers.
  3. On-chain establishments, epitomized by MakerDAO, who are scavenging for profits through tokenized treasures like Treasurys.

The Winds of Change Favoring Real-World Assets

Stuti Pandey from Kraken Ventures offered some clarity on the trajectory of RWAs. She opined that a major shift has been driven by the fluctuating landscape of interest rates.

Let’s be honest, when decentralized finance was throwing around synthetic yields as insane as 80% to 200%, RWAs felt like an antiquated concept. Why would anyone look at real-world assets when virtual treasures were so bountiful?

But with the plummeting rates, the tables have turned, and now, the yields from RWAs are raising eyebrows. These real-world assets, which once seemed stagnant, are now being propped up by enhanced tokenization frameworks and infrastructure. This isn’t just about getting a foot in the door but firmly establishing a presence in a rapidly expanding market.

So, here we are, at the crossroads of a new financial revolution. Tokenization isn’t the future – it’s the present. And those who dismiss it as a fleeting crypto fad might just find themselves left in the digital dust. As for the skeptics?

It’s high time to realize that tokenizing real-world assets isn’t a mere fantasy of a few crypto aficionados. It’s rapidly becoming the heartbeat of a new financial realm. And whether you’re a fan or a critic, there’s no escaping its influence. Buckle up; it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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