Draper Goren Holm to power innovation in blockchain

Draper Goren Holm has just taken birth after Tim Draper made significant investments in Goren Holm Ventures. The famous venture capitalist is well known for making large investments in one go into innovative tech-driven companies. His investment into the LA-based Goren Holem Ventures which deals in blockchain innovation and incubation.

Notably, Goren Holm Ventures is reputed for its industry-leading ‘Crypto Invest Summit,’ which delivers unmatched blockchain and cryptocurrency discussions on a global scale. The new partnership entity will be called Draper Goren Holm after the famed investor put in his share in the company.

Tim Draper stated that he is very excited about his latest investment that brings him more close to Los Angeles. He aims to benefit from the premier blockchain conference that will boost his accelerator team locally. He continued that Alan and Josef of Goren Holm Ventures are LA’s best and act as a lifeline to nurture the best entrepreneurs and blockchain talent in the city. He welcomed the newly created Draper Venture Network that will power his vision further.

Draper Goren Holm will focus on blockchain incubation

Draper is also renowned as an ace investor due to his smart and seed-stage investments in various notable firms, including Coinbase, Tesla and Skype which propelled his wealth substantially. Draper is a strong supporter of Bitcoin and has supported the cause since its early days. Goren, on the other hand, said that the new collaboration will seek to recognize budding entrepreneurs at an early stage where they have huge growth potential and then scaled them for growth.

The best blockchain entrepreneurs and talent will be given the f ront seat in the new venture. They will be given the resources needed to grow and prosper. The Draper Venture Network deals in providing market intelligence, improve corporate relationships, and increase investor diligence.

Josef Holm said that with Draper Goren Holm aim to bridge the gap between opportunities and growth resources for the young talent in the blockchain realm. He is honored to have partnered with Draper to create this world-class venture.

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