ProximaX BTM Blockchain partnership to power innovation

ProximaX BTM Blockchain partnership

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The much-touted ProximaX BTM Blockchain partnership has been finalized. ProximaX deals in advance Distributed Ledger Technology systems. On the other hand, the Malaysian firm, Sdn Bhd (BTM), deals particularly in blockchain-powered solutions built using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Both firms have entered into an integrator collaboration that will help them create next-generation technologies that will leverage on the joint technical prowess of these firms. BTM will gain significantly from partnering with the ProximaX since the firm recently launched the advanced Sirius development platform that promises much more functionality and features. ProximaX BTM Blockchain partnership offerings are certainly going to grow more potent with this newest addition.

ProximaX BTM Blockchain partnership will boost blockchain innovation

The collaboration between ProximaX and BTM will surely help develop a vital framework that will help Sdn Bhd deliver more solutions in its home market Malaysia. The high-tech blockchain services market in Malaysia is witnessing a substantial rise and the market will surely present many new opportunities. BMT is placed in a dominant position having captured a significant market share thought its native apps.

BTM also conducts regular workshops in the country’s popular incubation centres. The aim of such workshops, debates and discussions are to ensure its clients, corporations, and the public is enlightened about the latest technological developments the company undertakes.

Proprietary applications are another area of interest for the ProximaX BTM blockchain partnership.  Notable examples include BeepNow which delivers geography-based skill sourcing solutions, a KPop tokenized platform known as Brave, and dedicated cryptocurrency exchange.

ProximaX Sirius is an exceptional technology when it comes to distributed systems out there. It can power the development of numerous solutions and applications. The Chief Executive Officer of BTM, Junichi Kato, said that the knowledgeable team of ProximaX and the experienced leadership will all come together to power new innovation in the industry.

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