This High schooler is developing a Biometric Private Key

Justin Zheng – who is a student of high school, invested for the first time in the bitcoin and made just thirty dollars ($30) so that he could buy a videogame. After that Zheng’s interest in blockchain started developing.

Zheng’s interest has compelled him to bring some innovation in this field. Zheng along with his business partner is working on a project of developing a private key that uses Biometric Authentication and Recovery System.

Last year an experimental fund named Pioneer has been launched that was a talent hunt program and the founder of this fund; said that the winners would be able to receive cash prizes, cars and also mentorship and guidance from experts like Coinbase CTO and alike. Zheng and his business partner were among the winners of the third pioneer tournament.

While giving interview Zheng told that he is a high school senior and is currently working with a neuroscientist of whom he met online 2 years ago on some app. Where they talked to each other about crypto and they later figured out that if one loses private key.

One loses all the data so, that’s how the idea of developing a private key was instilled in their minds. And the main idea was using biometric data as an encryption key. As due to a slight alteration in fingers, rotations and lighting the biometric may be changed so for that some back-up is necessary and the solution is to get a private key to cater to this issue.

Zheng told that everyone using crypto is their target audience. He also said that he has to take a break of a year from his school in order to finish his project and he is hopeful and this project will be a successful one.