These currencies will be performing well in 2019

The last week has been the period of positive growth for cryptocurrencies. Most of the currencies have shown an increase of over forty to seventy percent in value. This is a very remarkable step towards a period of relief, but this is not enough to say that the depression is over yet.

When 2018 started many crypto experts were making speculations about how many currencies will be hitting very ambitious marks, and at that time crypto was thriving, so these speculations did not feel out of place. But looking back now it is evident that the speculations were too far-fetched.

Altcoin is a cryptocurrency that was booming at the start of 2018 but is now having a hard time on the trade market. In this sense, most of the new currencies are the only ones that have a significantly low damage rate right now. Statistics show that it is very unlikely that altcoin will reach the position it previously occupied in the market.

Zclassic is one of the cryptocurrencies that are showing the worst performance of all. Zclassic was at its all-time high last year because of a fork to make bitcoin private. But both the coins didn’t perform so well on the market. Currently, Zclassic is being traded at about one point two five dollars.

Rchain, Ethos, and Smart cash are altcoins cryptocurrencies that have very long road ahead for success. On the other hand, bitcoin is only five times low from its all-time high in 2017. This allows Bitcoin to take its place in the top ten cryptocurrencies of the year. Only a little number of cryptocurrencies overtook Bitcoin in 2018

Let’s see if this period of depression in the crypto market has taught crypto enthusiasts a lesson or will they continue to defend the technology regardless of its obvious failure.

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