The EU could better manage itself with the Ethereum blockchain

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  • The EU has secured 2 billion of Covid vaccines. 
  • The EU must distribute the vaccines. 
  • ETH can help the EU conquer its biggest mission yet. 

The EU could better manage itself with the Ethereum blockchain 

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The European Union is about to undergo its biggest mission yet. The EU has managed to secure above 2 billion samples of the Covid vaccine. The goal for the EU is to get all its 27 countries to get the vaccines and distribute them.

The help could not be more timely as the EU member states are experiencing very high volumes of people who have been severely affected by the virus. The organization has faced difficulties, particularly with the UK leaving.

The pandemic has only made tensions worse between the EU and the UK.

The EU‘s strength comes from its community. The organization has to work to boost morale.

It is not too late for the EU to turn things around.

The vaccine rollout will be an opportunity for the EU to truly shine. The most important thing that the EU can do so that every country gets what it needs is to communicate effectively to all of the member states. 

Ethereum blockchain 

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The Ethereum ( ETH) blockchain is a great tool for countries to use. ETH has a blockchain that works with smart contracts that can store information.

The smart contracts will take in a data input that encourages the Ethereum blockchain to act. Essentially you can program the Ethereum network to do anything whilst still keeping the integrity of the ETH blockchain.

The power of the Ethereum blockchain is that you can safely transfer information to people. Its peer to peer system means it does not rely on a central force to validate the information so no one can interrupt.

The lack of a central force also makes the process more efficient. The Ethereum blockchain is also very secure so not easy to hack at all as 16 different validators are guarding it. 

How the EU could use ETH 

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The EU could benefit from ETH because the framework can store information and transfer it to exactly who needs it. So, all 27 nations could receive the necessary details and instructions for them to collect the covid vaccines without fear of anything going wrong with the system.

Using ETH would help the process be effective and quick and likely minimise the time that the EU would typically need to coordinate such a grande mission. Now more than ever is an ETH framework necessary as some countries are in and out of lockdowns and meeting up in person is not possible but, they can use the online world.

With Russia being accused recently of hacking into the USA and the US bidding for more vaccines, one can never be too careful. ETH would help the EU be Cognito about their mission and success. 

The future 

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The EU can once again restore its reputation as a strong community if it delivers its mission to give out vaccines to all member states well. ETH can help the EU become a nation that can communicate strongly and effectively even if they cannot meet in person.

At a time when there is so much uncertainty, there is power in being open-minded and innovating. ETH is such a remarkable tool that can improve diplomacy. 

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