The dark side of crypto: A story of fraud and political transformation in Florida


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  • Brian Beute is currently running for a political seat in Florida on the back of crypto fraud as his motivational base.
  • Beute vowed this month to assist in cleaning up corruption crimes as an election supervisor and became the first candidate for the Florida Forward Party. 
  • Andrew Yang ( an American businessman, attorney, lobbyist, and politician) declared the Forward Party as a crypto party and even released an NFT that assisted in launching the Forward Party.

Brian Beute is currently running for political office under Andrew Yang’s pro-tech political party. His history on crypto might have affected his decision as well as the ballot in the smallest elections. His decision to join the political world comes from the crypto fraud activities that have pushed many in Florida to losses. 

The region of Florida isn’t typically associated with major political innovations. The unexpected turn of events displayed a rise for its first Forward Party candidate, all fostered by a crypto fraud scandal. 

As such, the turn of events shows the relationship between activism, politics, and digital technology. In the long run, this means a new chapter for the state of Florida’s political landscape. 

Crypto ties to Brian Beute and Florida politics 

Brian Beute was a new face in the political office back in 2019, a time when his knowledge of crypto was limited. However, he hadn’t encountered scandals and corruption in the political world before this. Moreover, under normal circumstances, the race of county tax collectors is barely involved with presidential advisory or copious criminal activities involved in illicit Bitcoin mining. 

Initially, Beute’s occupation was as a music teacher in a local school. His future opponent, on the other hand, who was fluent in Republican interaction, used public funding to create a crypto mine on government property and was part of a minor’s sex work trafficking after flying to Miami. 

Beute, being a conservative from Michigan, his move to Florida was an eye-opener as he witnessed the manipulation of the legacy finance system. This was done for political profit and land development. 

Still, the consequences of Beute declaring a run for political office, despite the controversies he has faced since his political declaration, are yet to reflect on his life today. 

Beute vowed this month to assist in cleaning up corruption crimes as an election supervisor and became the first candidate for the Florida Forward Party. It’s a centrist organization that was founded by Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate, and a pro-crypto enthusiast. 

Brian’s story on his political rise shows the story of how the first candidate for the third party entailed the repercussions of disruptive technology. His tale explains the effects on existing systems, showcasing the growing discontent among moderators and how it could change America’s political trajectory. 

Brian Beute and the Joel Greenberg operation 

Brian Beute challenged the convicted crypto fraudster Joel Greenberg in his first campaign in 2019, during the Republican primary elections for tax collectors in Seminole County, Florida. His major focus was motivated by running rumors of Joel’s illegal cryptocurrency mining and abuse of power that also embroiled the US House Representative, Matt Gaetz in a scandal. 

Joel Greenburg started his crypto journey back in 2017 when he borrowed money from family members to balance the public funds he had commingled with his own. He had requested additional public funds for a crypto purchase and over $90,000 in ming equipment. All these funds were lost in a fire.

Joel also launched a corporate crypto entity tagged “Government Blockchain Systems LLC” that had the tax collector’s office as its only client. He later employed a convicted real-estate scammer, Keith Ingersoll, to aid him in acquiring the office property. 

The scam artist Keith had previously been involved in fraudulent activities, gathering over $15 million initial coin offering (ICO) scheme through the Organic Fresh Coin. The ICO never distributed any digital assets. 

Greenburg, being Beute’s opponent, launched a retaliatory campaign that targeted his opponent and designed to smear his reputation. Greenburg employed a team that sent letters and emails to the school and falsely debunked Beute, stating his involvement in sexual misconduct as a music teacher.

This orchestrated attack affected Beute’s political run as investigations about his alleged misconduct were ongoing. He even lost to J.R. Kroll, who replaced the convicted crypto fraudster Joel Greenberg. 

Greenberg pleaded guilty to 6 counts related to criminal activities, among them making false accusations against Brian Beute. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2022. 

Last month, the Forward Party announced a 12-state battleground map that included Florida. According to Beute, commenting on his decision on response to polling, he stated:

The Forward Party is an incubator for independents and moderates who genuinely care about discussing, designing and delivering consensus solutions outside of the current political structure.

Brian Beute

Andrew Yang had declared the Forward Party as a crypto party and even released an NFT that assisted in launching the Forward Party. The party acknowledged the alignment of crypto proceedings with its goals. 

The Joel Greenberg crypto fraud greatly affected the state of Florida, and as such, the Florida Forward Party’s first candidate, Brian Beute, was motivated to get involved in politics. 

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