Thailand halts crypto taxation plans


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Binance plans to operate in Thailand if the government eases its crypto regulations.
• The country in Asia seeks to take advantage of crypto-mining.

After negotiations with national regulators, Thailand appears to end the first month of 2022 with a new proposal for cryptocurrencies. The Asia region stood out for regulating tax payments on crypto-mining over the past year. However, all possible regulations seem to give way as the central authority sees the potential offered by the decentralized market.

Cryptocurrencies have become part of Thailand after several nearby countries regulate the market. The country in Asia has been outstanding in crypto-mining, being the ideal location for all outgoing companies from China or other territories.

Thailand Regulatory Agency discusses new rules against cryptocurrencies


Recently the regulatory agency in Thailand announced new rules that go against crypto. The first point that the rent regulator deals with is that the agencies can no longer include a 15 percent tax on transfers in cryptocurrencies.

But the regulator said it would relax its laws against cryptocurrencies after spending a rough 2021 struggling with the market. Still, this move brought both positive and negative reactions among crypto investors.

Some traders believe that the country only wants to encourage businesses to use crypto and restrict them. Even the former director of the SEC in Thailand said these measures could be counterproductive, so he has little faith that the mechanism will work.

Another group of crypto experts believes that the regulator relaxes the anti-cryptos laws to take advantage of the trending mining in the country. But the central agency does not understand that Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy, and without a good scheme, it can all end in catastrophe.

New goals to meet in Thailand?

The news about Thailand and its extension into the cryptocurrency industry is confusing. They do it out of interest and not faith that the market will renew the economic system. The country seems aware of crypto-mining to take advantage of Bitcoin mining and have their profits. However, some exchanges support the initiative in the country, suggesting that they are on the right track.

The CEO of Upbit, a South Korean exchange, said that the Thais were doing something right and praised them for it. The platform seems carefully watching actions in the country to expand its operations with higher priority eventually.

But the largest crypto exchange Binance arrived in Thailand after Sarath Ratanavidi, a Thai tycoon who loves the crypto world, made him the proposal. The Thai region promises to be the new crypto promoter in Bitcoin mining and auctions with non-fungible tokens. The national regulator is likely to give trade free will, leaving behind months of regulation.

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