Tether diversifies into AI with significant investment in Northern Data Group

Tether diversifies into AI with significant investment in Northern Data Group

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  • Tether ventures into the AI sector with a strategic investment in Northern Data Group, amidst speculations of a $420 million deal.
  • Alongside its growing global partnerships, Tether’s recent move to offer USDT stablecoin loans has stirred debates, given its previous commitment to abstain from such practices.

Stablecoin leader, Tether, renowned for its digital currency pegged to traditional fiat currencies, has recently expanded its horizons by delving into the realms of artificial intelligence (AI). This strategic move comes in the form of a significant investment in the German-based cryptocurrency mining giant, Northern Data Group. While the precise figures remain undisclosed, rumors and speculations continue to swirl in the industry.

The backstory behind the investment

While Tether has kept the exact numbers close to its chest, industry circles have been buzzing with speculations. A report by Forbes has pegged the investment at a staggering $420 million. Although Tether has neither verified nor denied this figure, the magnitude of the investment, whether close to the speculated amount or not, showcases the stablecoin giant’s earnest intent in this partnership.

However, this isn’t the first instance when cryptocurrency stablecoin showed interest in Northern Data Group. As early as July, there were conversations between the two entities, revealing Tether’s ambitions to enhance Damoon, one of its group companies. One of the primary objectives behind this move was Damoon’s aspiration to acquire the latest in GPU hardware technology.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s Chief Technical Officer, offered some insights into this significant venture. Portraying this strategic move as a foray into a burgeoning technological industry, he emphasized the potential and opportunities that AI promises. Moreover, amidst concerns surrounding the sanctity of Tether’s reserves, the company was quick to reassure its stakeholders. They confirmed that this venture wouldn’t touch its reserves, ensuring the security and stability of customer funds. This assurance is particularly significant, given Tether’s controversial past in the U.S., marked by concerns over its reserve transparency. This led to significant legal challenges, resulting in fines and heightened regulatory oversight.

Tether’s growing global footprint 

Tether’s investment in Northern Data Group is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its global endeavors. Its expansive reach is evident through various collaborations across different countries. One such notable partnership is with KriptonMarket, located in Argentina. This collaboration aims at furthering the digital currency landscape in the South American nation.

Another significant step in expanding its global influence was Tether’s Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Georgia. The primary aim behind this MOU is to strengthen the peer-to-peer (P2P) infrastructure in the country, thus boosting the decentralized digital currency ecosystem.

Additionally, Ardoino, during his interactions, dropped hints regarding some of Tether’s mining activities branching out to Latin America. This move further solidifies its intent to penetrate deeper into global markets, tapping into the potential of emerging economies and their rapidly evolving digital infrastructure.

Tether’s recent endeavors

The stablecoin heavyweight has been making headlines recently, and not just for its investment strategies. Coingape reported that Tether Holdings has rolled out a program offering USDT stablecoin loans to its customers. This new development has raised more than a few eyebrows in the financial and cryptocurrency sectors.

The reason for this skepticism stems from Tether’s commitment, made just a year ago, to abstain from offering secured loans. Considering the company’s dominant position in the stablecoin industry, any move it makes reverberates throughout the cryptocurrency community. Hence, this latest venture, which seemingly contradicts its previous stance, warrants close observation and scrutiny from both industry stakeholders and regulators.


The famous stablecoin’s investment in Northern Data Group signifies more than just a strategic business decision. It embodies the evolving nature of the stablecoin industry, as leaders like Tether diversify and expand their operational purview. As the digital currency landscape becomes more intricate and intertwined with emerging technologies like AI, such investments become crucial to stay ahead in the game. 

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