Tech Week Moscow 2022: The first adapted conference and exhibition for business in Russia

31 May — 2 June | Moscow, Skolkovo Technopark

Some dates stand out on the calendar at the beginning of every year. The Tech Week Russia event is one of the first dates that big players and the game shakers in the blockchain space tick off their diaries. Only a few events in the global blockchain space command the level of footfall that Tech Week Moscow inspires, and this year, Yaros Belkin will be one of the high-profile attendees. 

The common goal to progress the ethics of decentralization and equal opportunities to participate in non-discriminatory global economies remains a common theme within the blockchain space. Yaros Belkin and Belkin Marketing have committed to advancing this vision for more than 15 years, becoming yearly attendees, even as the world recovered from a global pandemic in 2021. 

Affairs that attract the amount of crowd that Tech Week Russia pulls yearly rarely aim to inspire the same level of social good as the annual blockchain event. The global economy has shifted and changed hands throughout history, but it has mostly favored the few over the needs of the many, and it is unlikely to change any time soon. 

250 recognized experts from technology companies

Much-awaited approaches, problems, and solutions are made available not only onstage but through hobnobbing with seasoned veterans. Joining the throng is Yaros Belkin, the CEO and Founder of Belkin Marketing. He leverages his experience and expertise from holding leadership positions in different blockchain startups to deliver successful digital marketing strategies and campaigns for his clients. His reputation also precedes him as an unwavering believer in promoting equality and defending the truth. 

The times we live in are truly wild. Politicians are gambling, and corporations are still making billions when everyone else suffers. Decentralization is our only weapon against it all, our only chance to stand up for our rights, our only hope for freedom.

Yaros Belkin

Blockchain technology is at a vital crossroads, and the fact that the event holds in Russia this year with the anticipated attendees improving on last year’s numbers highlights the amount of potential social good that non-discriminatory global ecosystems offer. The figures are even more impressive considering recent geopolitical events that have made the news and divided public opinion. 

The blockchain space is still far from perfect, but these yearly events provide ample opportunity to build on the industry’s progress. The financial incentive to participate in the blockchain space is apparent, with the level of inflow of investment from VCs and global capitalists into startups. 

However, the transparency, immutability, automation, and decentralization that blockchain technology offer presents the logical way forward to equalize the global economy. The presence of stalwarts like Yaros Belkin, who prioritize the collective good over the financial motivation that has ruled global economies during these crunch events, improves our chance of achieving our ultimate goal. 

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