Taiwan Official Calls AI-Generated Disinformation a Threat to Diplomacy

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  • Taiwan’s diplomacy faces a growing threat from AI-generated disinformation, particularly from external sources like China.
  • AI’s role in creating convincing false information makes it challenging to combat disinformation campaigns effectively.
  • Taiwan is actively working on digital infrastructure projects and international cybersecurity exercises to enhance its resilience in the face of evolving threats.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roy Chun Lee, has expressed growing concerns about the detrimental impact of AI-generated disinformation on Taiwan’s diplomacy. During a session at the Taiwan Internet Governance Forum (TIGF), Lee emphasized the challenges diplomats face in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The diplomatic battlefield 

Lee likened diplomats to soldiers on the front lines, highlighting the constant need for adaptability in the face of external changes and restrictions. In the digital age, this battlefield extends into information warfare, where disinformation poses a significant threat.

The disinformation challenge

One of Taiwan’s primary challenges is the proliferation of false information from internal and external sources, with a substantial portion originating from China. This disinformation undermines diplomatic efforts and creates a volatile environment where truth and falsehood blur. Lee voiced concerns that using AI to produce a high volume of false information could further exacerbate this problem, as it can manipulate public perception on various issues.

AI’s role in the disinformation landscape

AI technology has emerged as a powerful tool for generating and disseminating disinformation. Its ability to create convincing and tailored content poses a significant threat to the authenticity of public discourse. Lee emphasized that AI-generated disinformation could artificially inflate or diminish support for specific policies or positions, making it increasingly difficult to counteract disinformation campaigns effectively.

Strengthening diplomatic resilience

Deputy Minister Lee hoped discussions at the Taiwan Internet Governance Forum would focus on strategies to strengthen diplomatic, economic, and defense resilience. Taiwan recognizes the need to address the geopolitical challenges presented by the rise of AI-driven disinformation campaigns.

Cross-border cyberattacks and collaboration

Following the TIGF session, Digital Minister Audrey Tang highlighted the reality of cross-border cyberattacks occurring over the internet, a space shaped by various stakeholders. She stressed the importance of international collaboration in cybersecurity efforts. Tang revealed that Taiwan is hosting an international cybersecurity exercise in October, inviting other countries and cybersecurity organizations to participate.

Digital infrastructure initiatives 

Minister Tang shared that the digital ministry has proposed four digital public infrastructure projects for the upcoming year. One of these projects aims to establish a cross-border backup mechanism to ensure the resilience of critical data during large-scale disasters or disruptions. These initiatives underline Taiwan’s commitment to fortify its digital infrastructure and cybersecurity resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

As Taiwan grapples with the challenges posed by AI-generated disinformation, its government is taking proactive steps to safeguard its diplomacy and digital infrastructure. The concerns raised by Deputy Minister Roy Chun Lee and the commitment shown by Digital Minister Audrey Tang at the Taiwan Internet Governance Forum illustrate Taiwan’s determination to address the threats posed by disinformation campaigns and strengthen its diplomatic, economic, and defense resilience in an increasingly complex digital landscape. International collaboration and innovative digital infrastructure projects will play a crucial role in fortifying Taiwan’s cybersecurity defenses and preserving the integrity of its diplomacy.

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