USDC’s situation is very different from UST’s – Here is a closer look

USDC situation is very different from USTs Here is a closer look

The stablecoin world is once again facing uncertainty as the world’s second-largest stablecoin, USD Coin (USDC), faces a potential black swan event that could lead to the collapse of the entire stablecoin ecosystem. However, experts suggest that USDC’s situation is broadly different from the UST collapse of 2022. Value dropping to zero means major shareholders […]

Uncovering the FUD surrounding Huobi; Should you be worried?


Due to the numerous controversies that have recently surrounded it, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has been receiving a lot of media attention. Let’s uncover what precisely has been going on and then we can discuss whether or not you should be concerned about it. To begin, there were reports circulating that Huobi was going to […]

Justin Sun tells how much he spent to buy Huobi

Tron Founder Justin Sun Believes Huobi Will Secure Virtual Asset License in Hong Kong.

Just a few weeks ago, Justin Sun purchased Huobi, and ever since then, he has been quite active on Twitter, sharing information about significant developments that have occurred in the firm since he gained control. Today, for the first first time, Sun disclosed the whole amount that he spent to acquire the company. Sun said […]

Tron TVL: Value reaches $6 billion amid the bearish situation in the market

Tron TVL

The global crypto market has been facing problems for a while, but some aspects have continued to improve despite difficulties. The collapse of Terra UST was one of the disastrous events that took its value to record lows and affected other coins as well. Tron TVL reached new heights amid the bearish situation of the […]

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