Circle pulls plug on USDC in major Tron exodus


Circle, a prominent crypto firm, has recently announced its decision to cease support for the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin on the Tron blockchain. This strategic pivot marks a significant shift in Circle’s operations and underscores important considerations within the crypto industry.  The move to halt USDC minting on Tron comes amidst risk management concerns and […]

Justin Sun’s bold $500 million crypto transfer shakes market

Justin Sun

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, has initiated a massive $500 million transfer, sending shockwaves through the market. The transaction traced back to JustLend—a Tron-based financial platform known for its stUSDT offerings—was quickly channeled to HTX, a platform where Sun is a key advisor. This significant financial activity, highlighted by Whale Alert data, has sparked […]

Justin Sun challenges UN report on USDT and blockchain

Tether Treasury initiates massive transfer of USDT tokens to Bitfinex

In a recent development, Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain, has publicly contested the claims made in a United Nations report concerning the misuse of blockchain technology, specifically focusing on the usage of Tether’s USDT. The UN report had raised significant concerns over the role of USDT in money laundering and scams, particularly […]

Stablecoins plummet amid the bull market frenzy- What happened? 


The recent market analysis shows that the Ethereum stablecoin has dropped by 34% since the Year 2022. On the other hand, stablecoins like Tron have a value of 57. 7% another time frame. Based on research by SixDegree there has not been an increase in value based on the recent bool market stable coins total […]

Justin Sun Eyes Memecoin Market with Potential Coconut Chicken Coin on TRON

Justin Sun Eyes Memecoin Market with Potential Coconut Chicken Coin on TRON

In an intriguing development in the cryptocurrency world, Justin Sun, the innovative founder of the TRON blockchain, is contemplating a foray into the meme-coin market. His proposed new digital currency, dubbed Coconut Chicken Coin (CCC), could soon become the latest addition to the TRON ecosystem. The move comes as memecoins continue to capture the imagination […]

CfA Highlights Concerns Over Circle’s Operations and Ties to TRON

CfA Highlights Concerns Over Circle’s Operations and Ties to TRON

Campaign for Accountability (CfA) sent a letter to U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren addressing Circle Chief Strategy Officer Dante Disparte’s response to CfA’s previous concerns about the company’s operations.  CfA, a nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog organization, initially raised concerns over Circle’s USDC stablecoin, its integration with the Asian blockchain network TRON, and TRON’s founder, […]

Tron wallets tied to Hamas funding – Here’s Israel’s intelligence data


How is Tron and its wallets tied to the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine? The Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7 killed approximately 1,200 people. Following that, Israel bombarded and invaded Gaza, killing around 14,000 civilians. Israel’s response has also increased monitoring of Hamas financing. In the midst of Israel’s ongoing conflict with […]

Tron’s Justin Sun declares “harshest winter” for crypto sector over

Tron’s Justin Sun declares "harshest winter" for crypto sector over

In a sector marked by volatility and challenges, the Tron [TRX] protocol managed to pull through the third quarter with robust financial metrics. Justin Sun, the entrepreneur behind the group of companies, including TRON, HTX, Poloniex, and TUSD, recently provided a snapshot of his businesses’ Q3 performance. Navigating amidst fiscal pressures The third quarter was […]

Tether pumps $1 billion in USDT into TRON’s veins

Tether pumps $1 billion in USDT into TRON’s veins

When you think of the digital currency giants, Tether unmistakably dominates the conversation, especially with its recent decision to pump up the TRON network with a massive dose of USDT. In the highly volatile world of cryptocurrency, this kind of move isn’t just a nod to TRON’s relevance but also a strategic maneuver that underlines […]

Huobi exchange rebrands as HTX, charts a cryptocurrency evolution

JasperArt 2023 09 13 18.04.37 upscaled

Huobi Exchange officially rebranded itself as “HTX” on September 13th, marking a significant shift in its identity and goals. This rebranding is more than just a name change; it’s a strategic evolution aimed at shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading. The “H” in HTX pays homage to Huobi’s illustrious history, acknowledging the platform’s remarkable journey […]

Tron founder Justin Sun summoned by US court amid SEC legal battle

U.S. Court orders SEC to respond to Coinbase's rulemaking petition

In a recent development, a United States court has issued a summons to Tron founder Justin Sun’s Singapore address, as part of an ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) civil case. The legal action against Sun, a prominent figure in the crypto world, showcases the SEC’s continued pursuit of alleged securities law violators. The SEC’s […]

Tron founder Justin Sun aims to become a regulator in the crypto world

justin sun on tron updates in july

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX) blockchain, announced on March 31st via his official Twitter account that he would be resigning from his ambassadorial position as the representative of the Island of Granada in the World Trade Organization (WTO). On March 31st, Justin Sun announced his resignation from the WTO ambassadorial position and also […]

Tron founder  dismisses rumors that Huobi is trying to raise funds from stake buyers


According to the latest Bloomberg article, Tron founder, Justin Sun, the “adviser” at Huobi Global exchange, has been negotiating the sale of a stake in Huobi to raise funds. Sun purchased the top cryptocurrency trading platform in the fall of last year.  Bloomberg obtained the details from a person who asked to remain unnamed. They […]

Crypto tycoon Justin Sun stripped of diplomatic title


Justin Sun, the founder of Tron blockchain, has been stripped of his status as an ambassador for Grenada. Reports indicate that the beloved crypto figure lost his position after the New National Party was ousted by the National Democratic Congress during the June 2022 elections. While Sun has not publicly acknowledged the loss of his […]

Tron blockchain invests $100 toward AI development

Tron blockchain invests $100m toward AI development

Tron network has invested over $100 million in teams taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within their blockchain applications as AI commands more attention from investors. This initiative seeks to aid developers in employing tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot for both front-end and back-end development of their blockchain applications. Developers can now apply […]

Justin Sun wants TRON (TRX) to be a global legal tender

Binance CEO Warns Justin Sun over SUI Token Farming Attempt

Justin Sun, the activist who founded the TRON network, has expressed the hope that his token, TRX, may one day be recognized and accepted as a form of legal money all across the globe. Justin Sun says regulation shouldn’t be US-centric As Sun and his team work for the acceptance of TRX as legal money, […]

Uncovering the FUD surrounding Huobi; Should you be worried?


Due to the numerous controversies that have recently surrounded it, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global has been receiving a lot of media attention. Let’s uncover what precisely has been going on and then we can discuss whether or not you should be concerned about it. To begin, there were reports circulating that Huobi was going to […]

Tron’s Justin Sun plan for Credit Suisse goes viral

Justin Sun

Just a few days before the crash of Terra Platform stable coin (UST), Justin Sun, founder of the blockchain network Tron, launched his own stablecoin named USDD. Stablecoin is that sort of coin that pegged its price with another coin to maintain the demand and supply chain. However, the 100 million members’ community was concerned […]

Tron TVL: Value reaches $6 billion amid the bearish situation in the market

Tron TVL

The global crypto market has been facing problems for a while, but some aspects have continued to improve despite difficulties. The collapse of Terra UST was one of the disastrous events that took its value to record lows and affected other coins as well. Tron TVL reached new heights amid the bearish situation of the […]

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