Stellar XLM price up by over 4 percent: What to expect?

Stellar XLM price movement depicts the same volatility that the rest of the cryptocurrency market is going through. However, the XLM price showed good retreat towards the high point it was on the 18th of October.

In the past three days, Stellar price has returned over four and a half percent (4.65%) gains since the low point on the 17th of October. This is regardless of the movement volatility and the fact that the price mostly stayed around $0.062 range.

Stellar XLM price chart 1 - 21 October 2019Stellar XLM price chart by Trading View

Stellar XLM has gained some lead; however, on the thirty-days chart the price is up by nineteen percent (19.06%) since the low $0.0522 mark on the 25th of September 2019.

Stellar XLM price movement: What to expect?

Stellar, although trading at a ‘stellar’ pace upwards has not been taken advantage of by the bulls market. In case the price does not move above $0.066628 in the coming days, the bear market will try and attain the upper hand with further decline.

stellar xlm price chart 2 - 21 october 2019Stellar XLM price chart by Trading View

If the price remains leveled below averages, a decrease to $0.057 and an ultimate decline to $0.051014 is a possibility. This downfallen trend will continue to the $0.051 levels at which investors can hold their positions.

Yet, in case the bull market is able to fuel the surge to above the $0.66628 mark the movement to the $0.088708 mark is a possibility.