Starfield Players Praise The Game’s Latest Update

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  • New Starfield update version 1.11.36 from Bethesda Game Studios is receiving positive reactions across the board.
  • The new updates include a more flexible Settings option, which allows players to tweak the game in multiple ways.
  • Despite the well-received updates, Starfield still suffers screen loading in some specific instances.

Starfield’s new update version has left players relatively happy. Despite negative reviews at launch, the Bethesda Game Studio game incorporated several improvements to the RPG. 

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Since launch, Bethesda has worked tirelessly to improve Starfield’s status, up to this point when gamers are starting to appreciate its efforts. Earlier, the game faced a lot of criticism regarding its vast but empty maps. Alongside the surface and texture updates, the maps now pinpoint different areas of interest that can help players explore their surroundings better.

Starfield Players Praise The Game's Latest Update
Graphics from Starfield.

Players can fast-travel to these points of interest instead of having to run around and search for the vendors. There’s also an update related to ship customization. The new patch allows players to customize their ship’s interior. Hence, in fact, they can decorate it from scratch and turn it into their dream mobile home.

Starfield Fans Enjoy New Update

The newly trending RPG game has received several modifications from the developer since its dismal launch. Bethesda has provided the ability to play the game at 60 FPS on X box Series X. The updates have also provided a much better surface map system, making navigation quite painless. Players are generally happy with this version update, singling out different merits.

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Starfield Players Praise The Game's Latest Update
In-game graphics from Starfield.

They also have enthusiasm for the new updates, appreciating the multiple gameplay options available in the game. A certain avid player said this on Reddit,

“Increasing environmental damage has actually made planet exploration much more interesting and immersive! Harsh environments are actually harsh and I seek out structures to get respite! Can’t just amble around, it actually feels like I’m in an extreme environment and have to calculate if I would actually make it to the poi without dying. Loving it.”

This got to be one of the best updates so far
byu/Embarrassed_Term4458 inStarfield

Starfield Prepares for Shattered Space DLC

Importantly, game fans are largely anticipating the launch of the Shattered Space DLC, which is scheduled for the Fall of this year. Amid all the speculations surrounding the DLC, Bethesda strives to keep players excited and happy with regular updates, building up to the grand launch of the Shattered Space DLC.

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