Stablecoin transfers on Solana skyrocket, surpassing $300 Billion in January


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  • Solana’s stablecoin transfers hit $300 billion in January, up 2,520% from last year.
  • Ethereum leads with $317 billion, but Solana is catching up, followed by Tron with $240 billion.
  • Paxos’ USDP on Solana boosts its appeal; total stablecoin transfers hit $1.18 trillion annually.

Stablecoin transfer volumes on the Solana blockchain have experienced a remarkable surge in January, reaching over $300 billion, according to data from the blockchain analytics platform Artemis. 

This figure surpassed December’s stablecoin transfer volume on Solana, which was $297 billion. Moreover, the staggering $303 billion in January represents a staggering 2,520% increase compared to the $11.56 billion recorded in January 2023.

Solana’s remarkable ascent in the stablecoin market

Solana’s ascent in the stablecoin market is impressive, with its current market share hovering around 32%. This figure is a remarkable jump from the mere 1.2% market share it held just a year ago. The surge in stablecoin activity on Solana commenced in October and has since experienced steady growth, amounting to a remarkable 650% increase.

While Ethereum remains the reigning leader in the stablecoin transfer volume, recording $317 billion in January and accounting for more than 33% of the market share, Solana is rapidly catching up. Tron, the third-largest blockchain for stablecoin transfers, has also recorded substantial activity, with $240 billion in transfers this month.

Artemis, a blockchain analytics platform, reported on January 16 that weekly stablecoin volumes across all networks had reached a yearly high. This growth has been primarily attributed to the surge in USDC (USD Coin) transfer volumes on the Solana blockchain. The increasing adoption of Solana as a preferred platform for stablecoin transactions has significantly contributed to its impressive growth.

USDP launches on Solana

Further bolstering Solana’s standing in the stablecoin market, Paxos announced on January 18 that its regulated stablecoin, USDP, had been successfully launched on the Solana blockchain. This development adds another dimension to the Solana ecosystem, making it an even more attractive option for stablecoin users and investors.

A year of exponential growth

Over the past year, the total stablecoin transfer volume across all blockchains has exceeded $1.18 trillion. This remarkable figure underscores stablecoins’ increasing importance and adoption in the broader cryptocurrency landscape. 

As the demand for stablecoins continues to surge, blockchain networks like Solana are poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating secure and efficient transactions.

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