Square Crypto triggers mass Bitcoin adoption with first product launch

Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto is launching is a first-ever product called Lightning Development Kit which is set to trigger mass Bitcoin adoption by addressing its core issues – user experience, security, scalability, and privacy.

Square and Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, has always been forthright about the fact that for Bitcoin to set foot in the mainstream industry, the overall Bitcoin experience needs to be enhanced. Although Lightning was launched in 2018 with an aim to pave the way for Bitcoin adoption commercially, the technology, in its primary form, could not spark widespread use.

Thus, the San Francisco-based payment company got in touch with many wallet developers to find out what is it that holding Bitcoin adoption back.

Square Crypto hits the bullseye with first-ever product launch

Most of them desired for much-needed flexibility when incorporating Lightning. The challenge was to get all the Lightning features without having to create new wallets just for Lightning. Thus, came about Lightning Development Kit (LDK) – an easy, secure and compatible way to integrate Lightning and offer application and wallet developers an opportunity to create bespoke experiences. 

With features like language bindings, demo apps and API powered by Rust Lightning project, LDK boasts of seamless interfaces and minimal system reliance. LDK also offers single wallet support across multiple devices and applications.

With a wholesome Lightning infrastructure, it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin transactions become instant, secure, low cost and as straightforward as cash, the announcement states. 

Featured Image by Pixabay