Sovereign Wallet claims fastest Bitcoin transfer in the world

A renown crypto firm expressed the offering of the world’s fastest transfer of Bitcoin by including a brand new solution to their crypto wallet.

The platform by Sovereign Wallet includes banking grade options as far as for the protection of assets of its respective clients. They describe that the completion of any transaction is very simple as quoted “sending a text.”

From now Ethereum users can go through a system of transferring crypto to their loved ones from a simple click of their smartphones and notified when a secure transfer is done.

Company CEO believed that the method of transferring Bitcoin in seconds is the most reliable solution for its users, this is possible because of an end to end encryption between the Sovereign Wallet and Bitcoin data channel. Thus you don’t need your bitcoin address to complete a secure transaction.

Smartphone users can avail of the Sovereign Wallet advantages by paying zero fees on any transaction. They believe that putting Bitcoin address on every transaction slows down the whole process and the user thinks that it would be a waste of time. The company introduces multilingual capability on the smartphone-based wallet to ensure that users can happily enjoy their single or group conversations.

Sovereign expressed that launching a smartphone app is quite simple for users that they can easily send or receive Bitcoin from any end of the latest blockchain i.e., 3.0 version.

Sovereign Wallet is in the race to make Meta Blockchain which was on the philosophy of the father of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. They seek help from the University of Southern California to get its vision.