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Soccer league player

Soccer league player, Alex Crognale now receives salary in Bitcoin

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Birmingham Legion defender Alex Crognale now receives salary in BTC.
  • Soccer League player says Bitcoin is sound Money.
  • Ozil floats crypto to market his clothing brand.

Alex Crognale, a professional footballer who plays in the United Soccer League player (USL) has become the first footballer ever to take a part of his salary in Bitcoin.

Crognale, who plays as a center-back for Birmingham Legion as a defender announced on his verified Twitter page that he used third-party brokerage firm Bitwage to receive exactly 15 percent of his salary in BTC.

While commenting on his reason for opting to receive some of his salary in Bitcoin, the economic background of the player becomes evident as he explains the negative impact of excessive money printing.

“The United States Federal Reserve responded to the damaging impact of COVID-19 lockdowns by printing massive amounts of US dollars,” he commented. “The more stimulus money pumped into the economy, the less the dollars in our pockets are worth. Quantitative easing was necessary to keep our country from falling into a depression, but the long-term impact was understated if mentioned at all.”

Soccer league player says crypto, Bitcoin ‘sound money’

The soccer league player said that crypto and BTC, in particular, is ‘sound money’ and he noted that his decision to take his salary in Bitcoin and HODL the digital currency will present him an opportunity to educate others who may want to make a similar move.

“If I can help educate or inspire someone in my shoes to take control of their wealth and put it into sound money, Bitcoin specifically, I want to take that opportunity to share my story,” he said.

Cryptocurrencies are already being fast adopted by athletes who now see it as a hedge investment and tool for many other things.

Hours before Crognale noted he would accept part of his salary in Bitcoin, soccer star, Mesut Ozil revealed he would be floating his own cryptocurrency.

Ozil crypto, however, is to help market his clothing brand, M10StreetWear.