Smudge Meme Coin announces the launch, takes the crypto market by storm

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  • A group of developers from the U.S. announced the launch of a new meme coin, $SMUD. Based on the grumpy cat meme.
  • The freshly released smudge $SMUD meme token of the unpleased cat is after Pepe’s crypto meme crown.
  • The main competitors as indicated by the project’s team are DOGE and PEPE tokens.

A group of developers from the U.S. announced the launch of a new meme coin, $SMUD. Based on the grumpy cat meme from “The real housewives of Beverly Hills”, Smudge, the $SMUD meme coin is claiming to soon overthrow $PEPE from its freshly acquired crypto meme pedestal.

A project has successfully joined $PEPE in the meme coin trend and claimed to be the main meme with over 11 million created memes and, thus the superior meme coin. Smudge, the salad-munching displeased cat, originally appeared in the show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2019 and gained huge popularity in just a couple of days. 

Smudge’s goal is to take liquidity from the other meme coins, hence proving its superiority to the existing meme-based crypto projects. The main competitors as indicated by the project’s team are DOGE and PEPE tokens; the entire supply of the newly created token will be transferred to the liquidity pool, while all the transactional fees, taxes, and costs will be nulled. 

Smudge objectives

Catherine Smura from the Smudge team annotates the project’s objectives.

“Smudge neither has got a definitive tokenomics, nor does it carry any particular utility within it. Smudge token is the essence and spirit of the meme coin madness, and it utilizes the properties of an ideal meme-based crypto to its fullest.”

According to Smura, the Smudge token is massively famous, and commonly recognized, people love it, and there are literally hundreds of millions of its sprouts all over the internet, both primeval and modified. We hope that this qualifies for a decent run, though of course meme coin market bloom is a temporary phenomenon”. – 

$SMUD coin does not currently have a roadmap, it thus fully counts on the community to inspire and scale the development of $SMUD in the same way as the original Dogecoin, which over the years has secured a tremendously capable and motivated developers’ community that transformed this meme coin into a TOP-20 CMC player.

There are currently 25k members across the $SMUD’s social networks, and it has already surpassed some transaction milestones at the Uniswap decentralized exchange within the first 24 hours following its launch on the 11th of May, with more CEX listings to potentially fill the pipeline in the nearest future.

The founders of the infamous displeased cat meme coin are paramounting the absurdity of the meme coin movement, claiming they don’t recommend buying their token since there is not a single reason to do so except for following the rapid cap ascending due to the unfolding FOMO: “To match the current PEPE’s $700M cap, $SMUD would have to grow approximately 1000 times; we are counting on the global crypto community that had showed its love towards the meme-based crypto-projects before, and are eager to help users diversify their meme portfolio, while potentially making handsome returns”.

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