Shipchain adapts ParcelLive tracking solution

shipchain adapts parcellive

Blockchain platform ShipChain adapts ParcelLive tracking solution to work towards the goal of providing a complete logistics solution suited to the needs of customers.

ParcelLive is a supply chain visibility platform-meaning that the parcel location can be tracked in real-time but that’s not all. ShipChain on the other hand, is a logistics solution provider, with their base being a block-chain backed structure.

Along with the real-time location feature, another environmental variable can also be kept track of using ParceLive’s microsensors, such as temperature, humidity, the gyroscopic activity of the parcel, the humidity that the contents were exposed to. Light exposure to the contents is monitored as well.

Shipchain adapts ParcelLive tracking

ShipChain’s chief executive officer (CEO), John Monarch, says that their company’s goal is to provide the consumers with logistic solutions that cover all aspects. An atmosphere of “visibility and trust” as he puts it, is what the company is after and what better way to do that could be – besides giving real-time updates of how the package is doing?

The innovative internet of things (IoT) firm, Hanhaa is behind the creative ParceLive project. The CEO of Hanhaa, Azhar Hussain, is sure of the prosperity that lies ahead for ShipChain in their shipment transferring ordeal. He also praises his staff for the micro-sensors that they have created that befit the criteria asked by ShipChain in their work.

The ParceLive sensors are developed by the UK based IoT firm Hanhaa and they start collecting data- environmental variables- as the geographical location, temperature, humidity etc, once they are inserted into the package with the goods.

The user receives live updates about the package and its condition. Quite a handy solution for fragile/decay-able products. The cellular module keeps the package connected to the ParceLive service which allows it to be monitored. Areas with limited cellular access prompt the monitor to record data and transmit it the first chance it gets connected to the ParceLive service again.

With an international dynamic label, the ParceLive tracker can be returned without any fuss- once the delivery is complete and the data on the tracker is erased once it comes back to ParceLive.

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