ShipChain launches temperature sensitive blockchain tracking system

ShipChain, an American blockchain-driven logistics corporation, is uniting with GTX Corp, a software firm in the tracking sector, to launch a temperature sensitive blockchain tracking system.

Reports indicate that ShipChain will make use of temperature driven tracking technology built by GTX to power the initiative. The tags installed in the shipments through this project would have no scanners or wires. Temperatures would be registered based on the time specifications of customers, on intervals designated by them.

Along with this, GTX would equip the tracking initiative with other hardware that will help elevate the tracking process and relieve hassle.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ShipChain, John Monarch, views the new collaboration as a gateway towards a more cohesive and transparent logistics network. This, in his mind, was the end goal envisioned with this whole project.

He commented on the initiative, pointing out how the availability and price of sensors had always been a problem in his mind. GTX’s smart tags, on the other hand, help enhance ease of working given that they would be integrated into the whole platform. The tags are of much lower cost, with powerful efficiency, enabling customers to keep track with their shipments.

He also envisions this as a doorway to much more creative initiatives with endless possibilities.

The collaborated effort has already been struck between the two giants. A joint customer will be brought to light once the intricacies of the agreement are drawn up. In another consequence of the partnership, ShipChain will enable its users to access GTX’s facilities and services.