Shaquille O’Neal Faces FTX and Astral NFT Lawsuits During NBA Game

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  • Shaquille O’Neal has been served with class-action lawsuits over his alleged promotion of the bankrupt exchange FTX and his involvement in the Astrals NFT project.
  • The lawsuits claim O’Neal misled investors and violated securities regulations, with process servers managing to serve him during an NBA game.

Former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal has recently found himself at the center of legal controversies. Process servers have been attempting to serve him with a class-action lawsuit regarding his alleged promotion of FTX, as well as a new lawsuit claiming he founded and endorsed a Solana-based nonfungible token (NFT) project called Astrals. Surprisingly, the process servers were able to reach O’Neal during an NBA playoff game at the Miami sports stadium, formerly known as FTX Arena. This article explores the details of the lawsuits, the allegations made against O’Neal, and the potential implications for the former basketball star.

The FTX Class-Action Lawsuit, Allegations, and Background

Shaquille O’Neal has been named as one of the celebrities alleged to have endorsed FTX, an exchange that has recently filed for bankruptcy. The class-action lawsuit accuses O’Neal, along with other notable figures like Steph Curry, Tom Brady, Larry David, and FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, of promoting the now-bankrupt exchange. The suit claims that O’Neal’s endorsement contributed to misleading investors and potentially exacerbated their financial losses.

Previous attempts to serve O’Neal with the FTX class-action lawsuit had been unsuccessful, with the basketball star claiming that process servers had mishandled the delivery of the papers. However, during a playoff basketball game that O’Neal was commentating on at the ex-FTX Arena (now renamed as the Kaseya Center), process servers managed to reach him. Adam Moskowitz, the lawyer who filed both lawsuits, confirmed that O’Neal was served with the FTX class-action lawsuit during the game.

While O’Neal was on a platform commentating, the process server reportedly delivered the complaint to him. According to Moskowitz, O’Neal later had the server ejected from the arena. This incident showcases O’Neal’s response to the lawsuit and his desire to distance himself from the legal proceedings. However, it remains to be seen how O’Neal and his legal team will address the allegations made against him in the FTX lawsuit.

The Astrals NFT Lawsuit, Allegations, and Details

In addition to the FTX class-action lawsuit, O’Neal is also facing a separate lawsuit related to his alleged involvement in the Astrals NFT project. The lawsuit claims that O’Neal founded and promoted this Solana-based NFT project, which the plaintiffs argue constituted “unregistered securities.” The complaint argues that the NFTs sold by Astrals were actually investment contracts, falling under the Howey test. The plaintiffs allege that they suffered investment losses as a result of O’Neal’s actions and are seeking damages accordingly.

The lawsuit raises questions about O’Neal’s current involvement in the Astrals NFT project, noting that he hasn’t made any recent contributions to the project’s Discord channel since January. This detail adds to the complexity of the case, as it seeks to establish O’Neal’s level of responsibility and influence over the alleged sale of unregistered securities. O’Neal’s legal team will likely need to address these claims and present a clear defense against the allegations.

Implications and Potential Outcomes:

If the allegations against Shaquille O’Neal are proven true in either of the lawsuits, he may face significant legal consequences. In the FTX class-action lawsuit, O’Neal could be held liable for his endorsement’s potential impact on investors who suffered financial losses due to the exchange’s bankruptcy. In the Astrals NFT lawsuit, O’Neal’s alleged promotion of unregistered securities could result in further legal penalties and financial obligations if the court rules in favor of the plaintiffs.

Regardless of the legal outcomes, these lawsuits have the potential to damage Shaquille O’Neal’s reputation. As a former basketball star turned media personality and business mogul, O’Neal’s public image could be tarnished by the allegations of endorsing a bankrupt exchange and promoting unregistered securities. How O’Neal manages these legal challenges and addresses the claims made against him will play a crucial role in determining the impact on his reputation.


Shaquille O’Neal’s involvement in both the FTX and Astrals NFT lawsuits has thrust him into the legal spotlight. The class-action lawsuits raise significant allegations regarding O’Neal’s endorsement activities and his alleged role in promoting investments that may have violated securities regulations. As the legal proceedings unfold, O’Neal will need to mount a strong defense to protect his reputation and address the potential consequences of the lawsuits. 

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