Sequoia Capital slashes cryptocurrency fund by over 65% amid market decline


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  • Sequoia Capital reduces its cryptocurrency fund from $585 million to $200 million.
  • The ecosystem fund also cut from $900 million to $450 million amidst market challenges.
  • Strategic shift focuses on investing in younger startups over established businesses.

Sequoia Capital, the prominent venture capital firm, has significantly reduced its cryptocurrency investment fund. Citing anonymous sources, the once $585 million crypto-focused fund has now been downsized to $200 million.

Simultaneously, Sequoia has cut down its ecosystem fund, originally valued at $900 million, to $450 million. These measures come as the company seeks to adapt to the prevailing market circumstances, which have witnessed sustained declines.

The decision to downsize the cryptocurrency investment fund was reportedly driven by a strategic shift in the firm’s investment approach. Instead of backing established businesses grappling with the current market challenges, Sequoia aims to direct the reduced crypto fund towards younger, promising startups.

The original version of the crypto-focused fund, unveiled in 2022, had plans to allocate up to $600 million to “liquid tokens.” However, the recent restructuring has led the firm to rethink its investment strategies, seeking opportunities in more agile and nascent ventures.

Sequoia Capital has also undergone a revamp in its VC staff, which included severing ties with two crypto investors, as reported by Bloomberg News earlier this month. Additionally, the firm faced losses as its holdings in the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX were written down to zero last year.

The move towards channeling investments into young startups could indicate Sequoia’s desire to capitalize on fresh and potentially disruptive ideas within the cryptocurrency landscape. By opting for this approach, the company aims to navigate the challenges posed by the market downturn and reshape its portfolio with more forward-looking ventures.

While these changes shift Sequoia Capital’s investment strategy, the firm remains committed to exploring new growth and value-creation avenues. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Sequoia’s adaptive measures signal a willingness to embrace change and drive innovation in the face of uncertainty. Consequently, industry observers will keenly monitor the firm’s future moves to assess the impact of its restructured investment approach on the broader cryptocurrency landscape.

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