Senior Members of Staff are Using AI Tools The Most, Data Shows

Senior Members of Staff are Using AI Tools The Most, Data Shows

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  • AI technology tools are increasingly being used in the creative industry.
  • However, the adoption gap widens between employed professionals and freelancers.
  • The sentiment around AI varies among creatives of different disciplines and age brackets.

New survey report has shown that an overwhelming majority of people in the creative space, up to 83%, are using or have used AI technology in their work practises, with senior members of staff leading the adoption rate. 

27% of Freelancers Are Not Using AI

Going by disciplines, the report identified that the most frequent users work in-house at agencies and studios, led by strategists (78%), people in “digital arts” (74%) and those working in advertising (65%). 

Meanwhile, 27% of self-employed freelancers, including animators, illustrators and those working in film and motion, said they have never used AI. The report noted they are the most uncomfortable with their work being used to train AI models. 

Based on seniority level, senior members of staff lead the adoption rate, with heads of department (up to 71%) representing the most regular users. 

Younger Creatives Have Less Interest in AI

As the adoption rate varies across different disciplines, so does the feeling creatives have towards the use of AI technology.

Of all the people polled, 56% seemed curious about AI penetration in the creative space, with 41% saying they are excited about the future potential of the technology. In spite of the optimism, 36% of respondents think AI is overhyped, while 26% feel the technology is a terrible development for creativity.

“Such results are also reflected in the age ranges of our respondents, with those aged between 36-50 more likely to have a strong interest in the potential of AI in comparison to those in older and younger age brackets,” the report noted.

The resentment some creatives have towards AI stems from the fear that the technology could disrupt jobs in the creative industry. Others are displeased by the copyright and artist compensation issues, potential AI bias, and the lack of control over the technology in the future. 

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