SEC non-ruling sets stage for more Bitcoin ETF filings


  • SEC delays decision on Bitcoin ETFs, fueling anticipation.
  • BlackRock’s entry into the ETF race is notable, but SEC remains cautious.
  • Advocates argue Bitcoin ETFs can bridge crypto and traditional finance.
  • Despite optimism, SEC has history of concerns over fraud and market manipulation.

In an era where cryptocurrencies relentlessly demand global attention, the recent non-decision by the SEC regarding Bitcoin ETFs further fuels the anticipation and sets the stage for more filings.

This move could be seen as an unsurprising trademark action by the regulatory body, but its implications echo with impact.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow Yet Again

When one thinks of the crypto domain, especially Bitcoin, visions of revolutionary finance might dance before one’s eyes. Yet, the financial powers-that-be, particularly the SEC, have been slow to embrace this evolution.

So, it wasn’t wholly unexpected when they decided to pull another classic move – delay a decision on the Bitwise Bitcoin ETP Trust, with looming deadlines for applications from industry giants like BlackRock, VanEck, WisdomTree, and Invesco just a heartbeat away.

However, let’s pause and get real. BlackRock jumping into the Bitcoin ETF race is noteworthy. Why? This juggernaut in asset management doesn’t step into the ring without a game plan. Their almost flawless record with ETF launches is a testament to their prowess.

But while BlackRock’s entry has raised eyebrows, the ultimate decision rests with the SEC, a body known for its caution, if not outright resistance, to rapid financial change.

Turbulent Waters and High Hopes

Optimists would argue that a spot-Bitcoin ETF is long overdue. An ETF would not only democratize Bitcoin investments for the average Joe and Jane but could also serve as a bridge, connecting digital assets to traditional financial ecosystems.

Such a bridge would be a bold step forward, giving cryptocurrencies the mainstream credibility they’ve been clawing for. But the SEC? They’re still hung up on concerns of fraud and potential market manipulation.

Remember, Gemini, the brainchild of the Winklevoss twins, faced a hard stop by the SEC back in 2013 with their pitch for a physically backed Bitcoin ETF.

This uncertainty hasn’t deterred financial entities. The allure of the crypto market is too powerful to resist. As a result, ambitious proposals are flooding in, from Bitcoin ETFs to more avant-garde constructs focusing on Ether futures or even Bitcoin-Ether hybrid funds.

And while these ventures sound groundbreaking, let’s not forget the SEC’s track record. Earlier this year, they had already nixed some ambitious Ether-futures ETF pitches.

Yet, amid this traditionalist stance, there’s a glimmer of change. The Volatility Shares 2x Bitcoin Strategy ETF (a mouthful, I know) was greenlit and has been active since June, pooling over $20 million in assets. If this isn’t a subtle hint of the SEC potentially softening its stance, I don’t know what is.

The clock’s ticking for the SEC. They’re on a timer, starting with an initial 45-day period to mull over these spot-fund applications. They can stretch this out to a whopping 240 days, but a decision will have to be made.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The consensus is clear – most market watchers foresee another delay come September. As Stephane Ouellette, a significant figure in the realm of digital assets, aptly puts it, the SEC has been a master of the waiting game.

Even if, by some miracle, they give the nod to these products, it would shock many if it happened during their first window of opportunity.

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