SAP Unveils Innovative Generative AI Solutions for Developers at TechEd Event


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    • SAP introduces generative AI solutions to empower developers and embrace AI in business operations.

    • SAP’s AI Foundation on SAP BTP offers comprehensive tools for creating AI-powered applications.

    • SAP commits to upskilling two million professionals by 2025 and collaborates with Stanford HAI to advance generative AI.

SAP, a leading enterprise application software giant, has introduced a range of generative AI offerings designed to empower developers. These offerings, including SAP Build Code solutions, the vector engine on SAP HANA Cloud, and a generative AI hub within SAP AI Core, were unveiled at the SAP TechEd event in Bangalore, India. With these innovations, SAP aims to equip developers with the tools and resources they need to embrace AI and transform the way businesses operate in today’s dynamic technology and business landscape.

Every developer needs to be an AI developer

SAP’s Chief Technology Officer, Juergen Mueller, emphasized the evolving technology landscape, highlighting that in today’s world, every developer needs to be an AI developer. To meet this demand, SAP is launching a series of AI-infused pro-code tools and a one-stop shop for creating generative AI extensions and applications on the SAP Business Technology Platform. These solutions are geared towards supporting both professional developers and citizen developers in the AI revolution.

Tailored solutions for the SAP ecosystem

The Build Code solutions offered by SAP are customized for SAP applications and the broader SAP ecosystem. These solutions are equipped with AI-powered productivity tools specifically designed for developers, focusing on Java and JavaScript development. They are seamlessly integrated with SAP’s latest generative AI copilot, Joule, which can comprehend intricate business intricacies, ultimately boosting developer productivity by embedding code generation capabilities for data models, application logic, and test scripts.

Revolutionizing data management with SAP HANA cloud

In the realm of AI, data quality is paramount to success. SAP HANA Cloud is innovating in this domain by introducing new vector database features at no additional cost to users. These vector data stores are engineered to effectively manage unstructured data types such as text, images, and audio, providing long-term memory and enhanced context to AI models. This enhancement simplifies finding and retrieving similar objects quickly, allowing for advanced analysis, such as searching for suppliers based on the language used in contracts, tracking payment history, and individual orders.

Adding vector database features enriches interactions between large language models and an organization’s critical data, making it easier to derive valuable insights within a secure and private framework, thus reducing data-related issues.

AI Foundation on SAP business technology platform

To enable developers to make a profound impact and increase efficiency, SAP has introduced the AI Foundation on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This platform is a comprehensive resource for creating AI- and generative AI-powered extensions and applications on SAP BTP. It offers tools, including ready-to-use AI services, access to top-tier large language models, vector database capabilities, and AI runtime and lifecycle management. With the AI Foundation, developers have all the necessary resources to craft business-ready AI applications.

Addressing the demand for skilled developers

As technological innovation accelerates, the global demand for skilled developers is rising. In response to this demand, SAP is expanding its learning opportunities, committed to upskilling two million professionals by 2025. The company is launching role-based certifications and providing free learning resources to back-end developers who use the ABAP Cloud development model. These resources cover a wide range of topics, including ABAP development tools on SAP BTP and SAP S/4HANA, empowering developers to create cloud-ready extensions in alignment with SAP’s clean core strategy.

Collaboration with Stanford HAI

SAP is taking a significant step towards advancing generative AI by joining the Stanford HAI (Institute for Human-Centered AI) Corporate Affiliate Program. This collaboration will see SAP researchers and engineers working alongside the Stanford academic community, including research faculty and students. The aim is to explore the intersection of generative AI and business, pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve in various industries.

A commitment to lead the AI revolution

In a world where AI has become a necessity rather than an option, SAP is committed to supporting and empowering developers. The company’s dedication to providing tools, resources, and learning opportunities underscores its determination to lead the AI revolution. With these initiatives, SAP aims to equip developers with the skills and capabilities needed to transform how businesses operate and fully harness the potential of artificial intelligence.

SAP’s unveiling of generative AI offerings at TechEd represents a significant step towards empowering developers and embracing AI as an integral part of the modern technological landscape. With tailored solutions, data management innovations, and a commitment to upskilling professionals, SAP is positioning itself at the forefront of the AI revolution, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

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