Samsung seeks survival refuge for future in 6G, Blockchain and AI

Lee Jae-Yong or Jay Y. Lee, the Vice Chairman of the tech industry giant hailing from South Korea Samsung Electronic Co. reveals that the company is seeking to invest in sixth-generation (6G) mobile networking and “system semiconductors” to stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving tech arena.

Samsung has been taking special care of the cryptocurrency technology with the wallet now embedded onto the phones Samsung has paid top dollar for this innovation.

Now, right after a team panel discussion on collaboration prospects for 6G technologies, blockchain, smart contracts and artificial intelligence Samsung reveals plans to embark upon new collaboration especially for 6G technologies.

Lee expressed in a media release that the real challenge current scenario posses; is to build new foundations that would allow new advancements to help strengthen companies and the technology sphere itself.

Lee in his first public statement on 6g is keen on focusing on a future rather than staying head over heels in love with past achievements.

On the other hand, Samsung is already looking into other areas to improve including a constant review of technological and structural changes in the industry.

Samsung is incorporating a built-in wallet into the Samsung S10 and that’s old news. Since then Samsung has been rumoured to be building a blockchain of its own that would come with a Samsung token.

However, the reports are yet to take any shape towards reality as nothing has been reported on this since the rumours surfaced.

Lee’s current statement and the fact that Samsung is indeed looking for blockchain collaborations among others furthers that even if Samsung is building a blockchain network with a currency it is not happening anytime soon.