Samsung invests almost three million dollars in crypto wallet Ledger

Samsung the South Korean electronics giant known all over the globe has invested almost three million dollars ($2.9m) in crypto wallet maker technology and is planning to introduce keyless crypto wallets.

Cryptocurrency is increasing its relevance in the financial world and now the electronic companies are also striving to make the best use of cryptocurrency for bringing innovations in the devices.

Also, they are trying to build a broad Ethereum network of blockchain in order to issue their own customized Samsung coins.

The latest Galaxy S-10 has a built-in feature of Ethereum technology and it has many new characteristics which were not present in the previous mobiles. In the new model, digital signatures can be done via using this technology also it ensures crypto-gaming and can make the trade services more convenient and effective.

The blockchain technology has a lot of potential of growth in this sector and the market seems positive in regard to the ledger technology and also the CEO of the Ledger affirms that this initiative will attract more customers with different priorities.

However, if this technology will be accepted by people then the new plans would be launched bringing more advanced features in the electronic industry also other mobile companies can also introduce the blockchain technology.

The security is an important parameter to be considered while using this technology. To ensure the secure transfer of data from one point to another the Ledger has made collaboration with block-chain based Nenufund to allow the consumers to use the tokens in a safe way on Ledger desktop app.