Ripple price gains in number and company in partnerships

PTT Exploration and Production is a national petroleum exploration and production company based in Thailand. SCB was the largest commercial bank in Thailand and it is also the facilitator of PTT Exploration and Production.

Many investors are already interested in the platform and realize the immense potential it holds to make a change. On the other hand, we have, XRP’s current support going strong with the level of thirty cents

The rate at which Ripple is settling partnerships is good news for investors. In 2018 Ripple was on a golden streak securing 200 banks into a partnership. Out of the total over thirteen belonged to xRapid.

This was a major accomplishment for Ripple as it was just an emerging platform and to be trusted by so many in such a short amount of time was a commendable achievement. xRapid is very advanced and helpful because of its speed.

It can carry out instant settlement within four seconds and after cobalt is introduced this time will be reduced to one-second instead of four. Wietse Wind and his team are the ones currently creating the XRP ledger. Seeing the potential and services provided by this system XRPL Labs are working with ILP and Coil.

Ripple price gains in number and company in partnerships 2Ripple chart created with Trading View

The latest news suggests that Ripple will be partnering up with PTT Exploration and Production. Keeping this in mind we see XRP demonstrating one percent (1.1 %) increase on the previous day. But a total ten percent (10.3 %) decline was observed last week too.

Despite this instability, an optimistic mindset is observed within the community. From all perspectives, we see a positive overview of XRP. An increase in market momentum is observed.