Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticizes SEC’s approach to crypto regulation, calls for change


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the U.S. presidential candidate, criticizes the SEC’s regulatory approach to cryptocurrencies, calling for the appointment of crypto-friendly individuals to the commission if he is elected.
  • Under Chair Gary Gensler, the SEC has faced criticism for its enforcement-centric strategy and lack of regulatory clarity, with Coinbase taking legal action against the SEC and a congressman proposing the removal of the chairman.
  • Kennedy highlights the advantages of Bitcoin, emphasizing its trustworthiness, democratic decision-making process, and intrinsic value while expressing concern that the SEC prioritizes banks over the interests of the American people.

In a recent interview with TheStreet, U.S. presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) expressed his support for the cryptocurrency industry and criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its regulatory approach. Kennedy, a well-known environmental attorney, and activist, emphasized the need for crypto-friendly individuals on the SEC Commission and accused the regulator of protecting banks rather than the American people.

Kennedy, the nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, highlighted his intention to nominate individuals from the crypto community to the SEC if elected president. He stated, “I don’t want people on the SEC commission who are anti-crypto. At most, they should be neutral, and we should have people on there who are from the crypto community.”

SEC faces criticism

Under Chair Gary Gensler’s leadership, the SEC has faced criticism for its enforcement-centric approach to regulating the cryptocurrency space. Gensler has vowed to use all available tools to crack down on non-compliant crypto firms, but many argue that the rules lack clarity, making compliance difficult. Coinbase, a major crypto exchange listed on Nasdaq, recently filed legal action against the SEC, citing a lack of regulatory clarity. Additionally, U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson has announced his plans to introduce legislation to remove the SEC chairman, alleging a series of abuses.

Kennedy expressed concern over the SEC’s focus on protecting banks, particularly central banks, rather than safeguarding the interests of the American people. He criticized the lack of transparency in the SEC’s actions, stating, “What they’re doing is obscure, it’s not transparent, and it’s not bringing transparency to our system.”

While highlighting the benefits of Bitcoin, Kennedy praised the trust and transparency of the cryptocurrency. He explained, “One of the fundaments of Bitcoin is that you can trust it. And nobody can manipulate it. There’s no human being that can manipulate it.” Kennedy further emphasized the democratic nature of Bitcoin’s decision-making process, driven by miners and algorithms resistant to manipulation. He described Bitcoin as the perfect base currency due to its finite supply and divisibility, offering people a way out and intrinsic value.

As Kennedy criticizes the SEC for its regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies, he advocates for a more balanced and transparent approach. His call for the appointment of crypto-friendly commissioners aims to unlock the potential benefits of embracing digital assets, such as Bitcoin, for financial inclusion and innovation.

The SEC’s enforcement-centric strategy and lack of regulatory clarity have drawn backlash from various stakeholders in the crypto industry. Coinbase’s legal action and Congressman Warren Davidson’s legislative proposal underscore the urgency to balance regulation and freedom while ensuring investor protection. Achieving this delicate equilibrium is essential for fostering a thriving digital economy in the United States and beyond.

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Written by Damilola Lawrence

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