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A revolutionary new opportunity is set to disrupt the Bitcoin mining industry, and the best news is that we can all be a part of it! 

In recent years we have seen the trend towards large corporations monopolising the Bitcoin mining world, as mining costs soar, and have slowly but surely pushed out the original pioneers, making it almost impossible for ‘everyday’ people to continue or even begin to have access to this pivotal path. 

That trend, however, is set to change with the introduction of Liquid NFT mining. 

Let’s use a comparison of the evolution of NFT technology to the growth of mobile phone devices. We have all watched and been a part of the journey  from single function devices, which were designed simply for conducting verbal communications, to the grand evolution of the smartphones which are now an integral part of our everyday lives. 

In the same dynamic way, NFTs are now evolving from the recognisable static digital assets of unique collectible characters from NFT innovators Crypto Punks, for example  with an emergence of new and innovative NFTs that are embedding more utilities and features, involving the ownership of real-world assets. 

Asset backed NFT’s mean that new forms of ownership and utility can be programmed around objects: democratising access to capital, unlocking trillions in stranded value, and paving the path to a more egalitarian and sustainable society and that includes unlocking the monopolisation of Bitcoin mining, making it once again accessible to all.

Small Miners Are Back in the Game

This magnamic breakthrough in NFT technology, which is completely revolutionising the idea of real-world asset ownership has given rise to a viable solution to the real concern of the centralisation of Bitcoin mining operations,  which sees corporations putting small miners out of the game. 

Enter Liquid NFT, the ultimate industry pathbreaker, bringing the perks of the creator economy to the industry of Bitcoin mining. Representing this peak phase of the evolution of NFT technology are the asset-backed NFTs, taking the idea of Blockchain-secured ownership to a whole new level. 

This opportunity for each and everyone of us to join the NFT revolution and generate a passive income, represents a next generation investment vehicle, which is accessible to all, using the top-performing Bitcoin miners

Forging the way in this new reality is Liquid, with an asset backed NFT,  the asset which comes in the form of  a liquid cooled bitcoin miner. 1 NFT equals 1 brand new top performing  Bitcoin miner. When you buy your NFT, your miner enters manufacturing and the liquid cooling data centre space is reserved. 

You have control here, mining performance is fully transparent on the blockchain, and mining rewards are distributed through the mining pool NFT smart contract. Your NFT allows you to withdraw your mined Bitcoin from the smart contract at any time using a wrapped Bitcoin for the smart contract. 

Transforming the initially speculative, illiquid, volatile market with NFTs backed by real capital, Liquid maximises top-performing Bitcoin miners powered by revolutionary liquid immersion technology. 

Top-Performing Gear at Your Fingertips

The liquid cooling technology allows miners to reach peak overclocking performance in any climate condition, therefore, considerably reducing the electricity consumption. 

Another dramatic benefit is that the advanced liquid cooling technology provides an additional 25% to 50% performance of each miner, creating higher Bitcoin rewards for the NFT owners and the community. 

Let’s talk about purchase power now. With Liquid, the purchase power allows members to buy the full miner NFT at a price that is lower than any current retail price to be found on the market. This allows both the acquisition of additional miners and mining partners that will be used to offset the cost of electricity and the additional NFT referral bonus pools, allowing the incredible payout of 85% of all Bitcoin mined to the NFT owners, rewards which have never before been easily in reach.  

As well as offering achievable ownership of an asset backed NFT in the form of your very own Bitcoin miner, Liquid rewards its community members with a peer to peer referral model  which is based on a profit-sharing and point system, and includes both upfront rewards as well as Bitcoin mining rewards, sharing the benefits to all tiers. The concept is quite unlike anything we have seen before, it’s about to shake the industry to its very core and really harness the power of NFT technology to put the financial control into the hands of individuals, reopening retail access to Bitcoin mining, essentially giving the power back to the people.

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