Putin doesn’t want to see Macron at the BRICS summit


  • Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has expressed strong opposition to French President Emmanuel Macron’s interest in attending the upcoming BRICS summit.
  • Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov deems Macron’s attendance as ‘inappropriate’, given France’s endorsement of sanctions against Russia.
  • Russia’s standpoint has been communicated to South Africa, the host of the summit, expecting its viewpoint to be accepted.

As the global political sphere prepares for the upcoming BRICS summit, an unexpected cloud has cast its shadow over the event. French President Emmanuel Macron’s interest in attending the forum has stirred the proverbial hornet’s nest, with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin vehemently opposing the idea.

The prevailing sentiment within the Russian political echelon is one of disapproval concerning Macron’s attendance, epitomized by Russia’s assertion that the French President’s presence would be “inappropriate.”

The politics of exclusion

Russia, a key player in the BRICS alliance – an international coalition made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has put forth a strong contention against Macron’s attendance.

The summit, slated for a three-day run from August 22 to 24 in Johannesburg, has South Africa at the helm, assuming the current BRICS presidency.

The unwelcome reception for Macron comes from Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, who views Macron’s participation as a contravention of the BRICS ethos.

Addressing the press recently, Ryabkov highlighted the incongruity of Western officials’ attendance at the BRICS forum. He explained that the bloc operates on a principle of rejecting unilateral sanctions as an instrument of foreign policy resolution.

In this context, the presence of Western officials, who endorse such sanctions, would be an unsettling prospect.

The stance is explicit; nations advocating for Russia’s international isolation and aligning with the NATO objective of strategically defeating Russia would make unfit guests at the BRICS event.

The line in the sand

Russia’s hardline stance comes with clear communication of its position to its South African counterparts. Ryabkov highlighted this during his discourse, noting Russia’s expectation that South Africa would fully endorse its viewpoint.

The undercurrent of these developments could reshape the dynamics of international diplomacy, underscoring the evolving geopolitical scenario influenced by the interactions among the BRICS nations and the Western powers.

While the BRICS summit is organized under South Africa’s aegis, Russia’s veto against Macron’s attendance underscores the evolving complexities of international alliances.

With Russia’s standpoint communicated, the ball is now in South Africa’s court, whose decision on the invitation could potentially redefine diplomatic ties.

An uncertain invitation

Adding to the controversy, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has expressed uncertainty about the reasons or capacity under which Macron might attend the summit.

His statements cast a cloud of ambiguity over the proceedings, leaving the international community pondering the implications of Russia’s position.

Meanwhile, Catherine Colonna, the French Foreign Affairs Minister, has expressed that Macron’s attendance hinges on a formal invitation from the BRICS, with South Africa playing a pivotal role as the summit’s host.

This situation has left Macron’s participation hanging in the balance, pending a formal invitation.

Putin’s disapproval of Macron’s attendance at the BRICS summit underscores the intricate interplay of power and politics on the global stage.

With Russia digging its heels in, the unfolding situation will be a litmus test for the strength of the BRICS alliance and the resilience of its foundational principles. Will the nations toe the Russian line, or will they uphold the spirit of inclusivity? Only time will tell.

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