Prime Trust’s wallet disaster: $82m gone, trust shattered

Prime Trust's wallet disaster $82m gone, trust shattered

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  • Crypto custodian Prime Trust lost access to their legacy wallets in 2021, leading to an outstanding debt of $82 million to customers.
  • Prime Trust attempted to meet withdrawal demands from these inaccessible wallets by using other customer funds, but the efforts were in vain.
  • The company owes $85,670,000 in fiat currency, with only $2,904,000 available, and $69,509,000 in digital currency with just $68,648,000 in hand.

The beleaguered Bitcoin and cryptocurrency custodian, Prime Trust, grapples with the fallout from losing access to their legacy wallet system last year.

Now, the company faces a formidable debt of $82 million to its clientele, shattering the trust many once placed in their secure storage capabilities.

Access lost, coffers depleted

Last year marked a grave misstep in the history of Prime Trust. In January 2021, the company reverted to using specific legacy wallet forwarding addresses, a move driven by limitations when creating new wallets within the Fireblocks platform.

At that point, Prime Trust reportedly believed these legacy wallets were either on the Fireblocks platform or would forward to wallets accessible therein.

However, by December 2021, Prime Trust discovered its grave error: they were unable to access the legacy wallets and the cryptocurrency stored within.

From December 2021 to March 2022, Prime Trust attempted to satisfy withdrawals from these inaccessible legacy wallets by purchasing additional digital currency with customer funds from its omnibus customer accounts.

The efforts to regain access to the legacy wallets have thus far been futile, leaving the company in a precarious financial situation.

The financial precipice: Trust in tatters

The financial toll of this debacle is staggering. Prime Trust owes its clients a whopping $85,670,000 in fiat currency, with a mere $2,904,000 available to meet this liability.

This imbalance has created a fiat currency shortfall of $82,766,000. The firm’s digital currency liabilities are no less challenging, owing $69,509,000 to clients but only possessing $68,648,000 in digital assets.

Their most substantial holding is $61 million in AUDIO, with their second-largest holding being 245 BTC, valued at a comparatively measly $7.5 million.

Interestingly, Prime Trust owns 31% of the circulating supply of the Audius Project, a decentralized music platform. Despite their considerable AUDIO holding, the most liquid venue for this asset, Binance, only moved $3.7 million of volume over the past 24 hours.

Mounting concerns over Prime Trust’s financial situation have resulted in a sharp increase in customer withdrawals, many of which are for substantial sums.

This development has put further strain on Prime Trust’s already frail financial status. If this trend persists, Prime Trust’s condition is expected to worsen progressively as more customers withdraw their assets.

Prime Trust’s saga serves as a stark warning to the wider crypto-industry. The inability to access their legacy wallets and subsequent financial difficulties expose the perils of mismanaging digital assets.

Furthermore, it underscores the critical importance of secure and accessible storage solutions in maintaining trust in crypto custodians.

With its finances in dire straits and trust eroded, Prime Trust now faces the mammoth task of regaining access to its inaccessible legacy wallets and, more importantly, rebuilding the trust of its clients.

The days ahead look challenging, and the industry watches as the company strives to navigate its way out of this debacle.

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