PornHub Pratt faces sex trafficking raps and a petition to close down the site


There’s an ongoing petition to close down PornHub. In the recent past, there have been shocking revelations of sex trafficking and forced intimacy on minors on adult content streaming site PornHub.

In one instance, a girl aged 15 years was reported missing for a whole year and eventually, her mother was tipped off that she was featured on 58 films on the PornHub.

In another news, Michael Pratt, the owner of GirlsDoPorn, reportedly a scam outfit, was convicted of coercing 22 women into performing sexual acts that were also hosted on PornHub. The women sued Pratt and were paid $ 12.7 million. The federal indictment stated that Pratt produced children rape films following minor trafficking and abusive sexual content.

Other persons of interest in these cases include Chief executive officer Ferris and Chief Operations Officer Tassillo both from Canada’s MindGeek, the PornHub mother company.

Reportedly, Michael Pratt, the owner of Girls Do Porn is tagged as the ringleader of sex crime operation Girls Do Porn, and convicted of coercing women into having sex on video and lying to them about how the videos would be distributed. He is now facing extradition to the United States on sex trafficking raps by the FBI.

PornHub fetches 42 billion viewership through 6 million films

The porn company mints millions in membership and subscriptions through 42 billion viewership through 6 million films uploaded annually. The company has no system to verify the consent and age of the models featured and in which massive profits are made.

The only requirement while uploading sexual films on the site is simply an email address; Further verifications through national government identification documents are not provided.

A user takes less than 10 minutes to register an account and upload content that goes live immediately. Thereafter the company acknowledges the users as verified with simply holding a document displaying the filmmaker’s username.

News of the 15 years old does not come as surprise as PornHub agreed that the minor had been verified through its twitter account. Thereafter the account brought down the tweets after the realization that Porn-hub had aided in child trafficking the minor.

One of the most viewed threads on PornHub is teen pornography as collated results show that it appears top in the last six years. The films are uploaded at a rapid speed than any viewer would stream them. The models are young girls mostly with no breasts but all the same, being penetrated aggressively.

With no system to verify content creators, it means that thousands of videos are uploaded in just the teen section.

Latest on Michael Pratt sex trafficking raps

According to testimony from his co-conspirator Matthew Wolfe, Pratt may have fled to New Zealand during a recently-ended civil trial where he and his associates were accused by 22 women of fraud and coercion.

The judge in the civil trial ruled in favor of the women, ordering Girls Do Porn to pay them nearly $13 million in damages. But in October, in the middle of the trial, Pratt and his co-conspirators, including lead videographer Wolfe and actor Ruben Garcia were charged with federal counts of sex trafficking.

Pratt, who is originally from New Zealand, operated a scheme that, according to the women’s lawyers, coerced hundreds of women into shooting porn. Most notably, he and his employees told them that the videos would only be sold to private collectors in Australia and New Zealand and that they’d never be seen online. But the videos were posted to Pratt’s website and promoted on huge, free porn sites like PornHub. The viral spread of the videos, without the women’s consent, ruined many of their lives.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Foster told the New Zealand Herald that New Zealand police have been cooperating with the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Pratt’s whereabouts have not been confirmed but the FBI did say that if he’s found to be in New Zealand, extradition would be sought.

The full civil ruling, written by San Diego Superior Court Judge Kevin Enright who presided over the case, is a 187-page account of the brutal and harrowing ordeals the women targeted by Pratt and his associates went through.

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