PlayStation Plus Delivers Value-Packed Lineup of Games in Latest Update


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  • Sony’s PlayStation Plus offers a fantastic lineup of games.
  • Detailed game info is available on Reddit, helping gamers with playtime, difficulty ratings, and trophies, while GTAVI’s free access adds to the excitement.
  • Personal recommendations highlight Tinykin’s charm and anticipation for Stranger of Paradise, making this update a diverse and exciting gaming experience.

In a move that has garnered widespread acclaim from gamers, Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service has recently rolled out an impressive selection of games, offering an outstanding value proposition for subscribers. 

The curated lineup includes a mix of blockbuster AAA titles and retro-inspired action games, all available for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually. With a focus on providing diverse gaming experiences, Sony has made a compelling case for the value of their subscription service.

A bounty of gaming riches

Subscribers can look forward to diving into an assortment of titles, each offering unique gameplay experiences. Some of the standout titles in this month’s lineup include:

Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV)

Undoubtedly the star of the show, GTAV alone promises to provide gamers with hundreds of hours of enjoyment. According to MetaGame, this crime spree action game offers a playtime of approximately 246 hours. 

This lengthy adventure ensures that players will have ample entertainment to keep them occupied throughout the Christmas season.

Mega Man 11

Fans of classic gaming will find joy in Mega Man 11, which pays homage to the beloved retro platformer series. With its challenging gameplay and nostalgic appeal, it’s a delightful addition to the lineup.

Metal: Hellsinger

For those who crave intense first-person shooter action set to a heavy metal soundtrack, Metal: Hellsinger is an enticing choice. This title promises a thrilling experience for fans of the genre.


A platformer that draws inspiration from Pikmin, Tinykin adds a unique twist to the mix. With its charming visuals and engaging gameplay, it’s a title that should not be overlooked.

Salt and Sacrifice

Fans of challenging Metroidvania-style games will appreciate Salt and Sacrifice, which skillfully applies the Soulsborne formula to a 2D space. It promises an exhilarating and demanding adventure for those seeking a formidable gaming challenge.

A gamer’s paradise with added information

To enhance the gaming experience, a diligent Redditor has compiled a comprehensive thread that includes details on each of the newly added games. This resource provides valuable information such as the estimated time to complete each game, difficulty ratings, trophy counts, and much more. 

Gamers can find this invaluable compilation in the Reddit community, where players are enthusiastically cheering on the latest additions to PlayStation Plus, especially the inclusion of GTAV. The resounding celebration in the community underscores the belief that this month’s lineup strikes a harmonious balance across various gaming genres.

Amidst the excitement surrounding GTAV, it comes as no surprise that Sony is giving players the opportunity to experience the latest installment in the franchise for free. 

This strategic move aims to generate excitement and ensure that the game remains at the forefront of players’ minds. With Grand Theft Auto VI (GTAVI) on the horizon, this promotion serves as a timely reminder of the franchise’s enduring popularity.

Among the array of titles, there are personal recommendations from gaming enthusiasts. Tinykin, a platformer with Pikmin influences, receives a heartfelt endorsement. Its unique blend of platforming and strategy elements is bound to captivate players. 

Additionally, there is notable anticipation for Stranger of Paradise, a game that initially flew under the radar but has piqued the interest of many gamers. Despite mixed reviews upon its release, the allure of the Final Fantasy universe and a desire to complete the series drive excitement among fans.

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