PhishFort adds protection against crypto phishing to Brave Browser

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PhishFort, an anti-phishing solution and brand protection extension has been added to Brave Browser to improve user’s security.

Brave browser made this announcement on Tuesday saying it has further beefed up its security with the addition of anti-phishing tools.

With the addition of PhishFort to the privacy browser, it has implemented the anti-phishing open-source technology.

Previously, PhishFort has partnered with other crypto firms like Binance Lab, MyEtherWallet, etc providing additional security for them. Reportedly, the protection tool has been at the forefront of detecting and spreading the word about Web3 phishing scams.

PhishFort also has been publishing articles about how decentralized app scam has risen. These scams claim to be the real thing, aiming to deceive users into giving up their credentials in the process.

PhishFort’s previous security publications

In a January report, the security outfit revealed that crypto user’s username and password are only the start of your problems with phishers aware of the loophole. They explained that the new trend about the attack is that they’re beginning to exploit the specific tools PhishFort also use to interface crypto.

“They use a combination of urgency, fear of missing out, and fear of being negatively affected (by a hard fork, ICO, token migration, or other actionable items) with the hopes that the targeted person will act quickly and never notice they are interacting with a malicious application,” reads another post about phishing scams in DeFi apps.

PhishFort anti-phishing solution

The brand protection solution continues to be updated list of known scams and safe sites, which is now integrated directly within Brave.

Hence, whenever Brave users are beginning to interact with Web3 dApps,they are alerted when they are treading into unsafe waters.

Brave made this announcement in a tweet with details on the integration very thin. Brave browser users especially those who use crypto and dApps are to begin bumping into the tool soon.

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