Perpetual futures and swaps in crypto & investing


  • Innovative derivatives like perpetual swaps and futures allow for leveraged speculation on changes.
  • Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other traditional assets such as stocks, and commodities can be perpetually traded.

In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, as well as investments, innovative financial instruments are constantly changing, and they cater to the evolving needs of traders as well as traders. Two such intriguing and curious tools that have gained much traction are perpetual swaps and futures. In perpetual trading, such instruments offer unique opportunities to profit from changing market movements, while also introducing some layers of complexity and risk. In this article, we will investigate concepts of perpetual swaps and futures in the world of cryptocurrencies and traditional trading and investments, exploration of its mechanics, benefits, and potential flaws as well as drawbacks.

Discerning perpetual swaps and perpetual trading

Perpetual swaps and futures are called derivative instruments that enable traders to speculate on the price movements of any underlying asset. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other traditional assets such as stocks, and commodities can be perpetually traded. Such instruments are traded on specialized platforms such as exchanges and further allow participants to be involved in leverage trading, where they can amplify the potential gains and losses.

Perpetual futures- An infinite contract of trading

Perpetual futures are contracts that are close to resembling traditional futures contracts. But they hold stark differences in time and perpetuity. As traditional futures contracts have a finite time period they are bound to be settled by a certain date and time. But in the case of, perpetual futures and perpetual swaps as their names suggest, carry no expiration date and a trader can hold their position as long as they want to. Perpetual futures and their design have the potential to keep track of spot prices of any underlying asset closely.

The mechanism of perpetual futures involves concepts of how funding rates are incorporated. Perpetual swap contracts carry an additional funding mechanism, which varies slightly whereas it involves the exchange of interest payments, between traders, depending on their funding rate. If the swap and its contract’s price are higher than the underlying asset itself, then the index price is high, and long traders pay short traders and vice versa.

Benefits of Perpetual Futures and Swaps

Trading on Leverage:

A primary attraction of perpetual futures as well as swaps is its ability to trade on leverage. As leverage allows traders to control larger positions and sizes than the actual capital invested. This in turn maximises profits. However, it is crucial to note that leverage increases the risk of losses too.

Trading 24/7

In traditional futures markets, there are set trading hours usually 9 to 5. But in cryptocurrency markets, as they are accessed from around the globe, they operate 24/7. In perpetual futures and swaps, they provide round-the-clock trading opportunities therefore allowing participants to react to price movements.

Opportunities for Hedging

Traders and many investors often use derivatives such as perpetual contracts for hedging initiatives. If they hold a significant amount of asset, they can opt-in for a short position opening, to minimize potential losses and a price decline.

Diverse Asset Exposure

Perpetual contracts are available for many assets, not only cryptocurrencies. This allows investors to have exposure to different markets without the need to own any underlying asset.

Multiple Considerations and Risks

As perpetual futures and swaps offer lucrative opportunities, they also come with noticeable and inherent risks. 

Leverage Related Risks

Trading in leverage offers both gains and losses. A small adverse price movement can result in expansive losses. And washes away the initial investments as well as exceeding them.

Market Volatility

Crypto markets are known for their extreme volatility. While this volatility leads to substantial profits, it may also lead to losses due to subtle and rapid price fluctuations.

Funding Rate Volatility

The funding rates mechanism helps to curtail unexpected costs and profits for traders, especially when the crypto market is showing high volatility.

Regulatory Uncertainty

The regulatory environment in crypto derivatives is always evolving. Traders and investors must consider the legal and regulatory aspects of trading perpetual contracts in their respective jurisdictions.


Perpetual contracts such as swaps and futures, have introduced a new era of trading. Not only does it offer opportunities to profit from the market movements, across various ranges of assets but comes with its own complexities and risks as well. And therefore, demands careful consideration. Traders and investors need a solid understanding of such financial instruments, underlying assets, and proper risk management properties. As with any financial endeavor, knowledge and caution are key factors in exploring the exciting yet challenging landscape.

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