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  • Optimism network has completed its bedrock upgrade which will trigger some major improvements.
  • The network teases future projects and collaborations.

The Optimism network, a popular Ethereum Layer-2 solution, completed its highly anticipated “Bedrock” upgrade on June 7th. Developed by OP Labs, this upgrade brings a host of improvements aimed at creating a robust and scalable Web3 ecosystem based on Optimism’s OP Stack software.

Optimism network promises major improvements

One of the key highlights of the Bedrock upgrade is the implementation of several gas optimizations. Through extensive research and development, the Optimism team has managed to reduce data availability fees on Ethereum by 40%. This reduction in fees is directly passed on to users, resulting in lower gas fees when transacting on the Optimism network.

Moreover, the upgrade introduces a crucial enhancement in the form of recognizing chain reorganizations (reorgs) on Ethereum. These reorgs are now reflected in the user’s Optimism balance, allowing for a significant reduction in deposit times. Previously, it took an average of 10 minutes for deposits from Ethereum to achieve finality on the Optimism network. With Bedrock, deposit times have been reduced to a mere one minute, enabling faster and smoother transactions.

To bolster security measures, the Bedrock upgrade implements a two-step withdrawal process. This proactive measure is designed to mitigate the risk of bridge exploits, ensuring a more secure experience for users.

The network teases new projects and collaborations

Beyond the immediate benefits, this upgrade sets the stage for future advancements in the OP Stack. The ultimate vision is to create a multi-network “Superchain” ecosystem. The Bedrock upgrade incorporates “modular proof systems” that empower developers to build and customize their blockchain networks. Furthermore, the validator component, known as “op-geth,” shares fewer than 1,000 lines of code with Ethereum’s version. This compatibility facilitates an easy transition for validators, offering them flexibility in choosing and participating in the Superchain network.

In an exciting development, Coinbase’s Base network has announced its integration with the Superchain. This strategic partnership highlights the growing significance of the Superchain ecosystem and its potential for widespread adoption. Coinbase’s Base network recently revealed a detailed roadmap outlining its plans for a mainnet launch, further fueling anticipation for the Superchain’s expansion.

The Bedrock upgrade on the Optimism network marks a significant milestone in enhancing transaction speed, reducing fees, and bolstering security measures. With its innovative approach and commitment to building a scalable Web3 infrastructure, Optimism is driving the advancement of blockchain technology, empowering developers, and improving user experiences within the decentralized ecosystem.

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