OPNX Announces Imminent Shutdown: Critical Dates for Users


  • Open Exchange (OPNX), formerly known as Coinflex, has announced its shutdown, requiring users to settle their positions by February 7 and withdraw funds by February 14, amid a backdrop of regulatory challenges and financial penalties.
  • Despite efforts to navigate regulatory issues, including securing a VASP license, OPNX faced setbacks linked to associations with controversial figures and heavy penalties from regulatory authorities, leading to its eventual closure.

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency sector, Open Exchange (OPNX), formerly recognized as Coinflex, has declared its forthcoming cessation of operations scheduled for this February. The closure marks the end of a platform that was once a bustling center for crypto derivatives and claims trading.

As part of its closure procedure, OPNX has communicated vital information to its users, ensuring they are well-informed about the necessary actions required in the lead-up to the shutdown.

The communication from the OPNX team not only expressed their gratitude towards the community that had grown around the platform but also delineated crucial deadlines. Platform users must settle all their active positions by 8 a.m. UTC on February 7. Post the deadline, the platform will take the reins and automatically manage any remaining open positions. In addition, the platform has kept the window for fund withdrawals and the exportation of historical data open until February 14, ensuring users have sufficient time to secure their assets and information.

Navigating regulatory turbulence: OPNX’s struggle

The decision to shut down operations does not come in isolation but is a culmination of various regulatory challenges and controversies that have plagued the platform. OPNX has been proactive in its efforts to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. It included securing a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from Lithuania, a strategic move aimed at extending its services across the European Union. However, despite these efforts, OPNX could not fully disassociate itself from the controversies of its past.

The platform’s connections with notable figures like Kyle Davies and Su Zhu, the co-founders of the now-defunct Three Arrows Capital, have cast a persistent shadow over its operations. The stringent action by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which imposed a significant ban on these figures, restricting their involvement in major financial activities, raised critical questions about the future and stability of OPNX. The association has been a sticking point, attracting scrutiny and feeding into the platform’s regulatory woes.

Adding to the complexity of its operational environment, OPNX faced stringent penalties imposed by Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). These penalties, which amounted to a substantial $2.8 million, were levied due to infringements related to marketing and advertising standards. The financial burden, coupled with the fines imposed on individual founders, underscored the heightened regulatory oversight and control the platform was subjected to, further complicating its operational landscape.

Urgent call to action for OPNX users: Final steps

In light of the impending shutdown and the complex backdrop of regulatory challenges, OPNX has orchestrated a structured closure process. The process underscores the gravity of the situation and the platform’s commitment to ensuring a secure and orderly exit for its users. The structured approach to closure is a testament to the platform’s dedication to upholding the safety and interests of its users, even in its final days of operation.

Platform users are urged to heed the timelines and instructions laid out by OPNX. The immediate course of action involves the settlement of all positions by the stipulated deadline of February 7. Following it, users must ensure that they withdraw their funds and export any necessary historical data before the final cutoff on February 14. The urgency and precision of these steps are crucial in safeguarding the assets and interests of the users, making it imperative for all involved to act swiftly and decisively.


The closure of OPNX marks a significant moment in the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the intricate challenges and regulatory pressures that platforms in the space often face. As OPNX navigates its final days, the clear directives provided for its users underscore the platform’s commitment to a structured and responsible shutdown process. The event serves as a stark reminder of the volatility and complexity inherent in the crypto market, emphasizing the importance of regulatory compliance and operational transparency. For the industry, OPNX’s closure is not just an end but a critical reflection point on the evolving landscape of digital finance and the need for robust structures to support its growth and sustainability.

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