Opera launches desktop Ethereum wallet Dapp with new version

The leading web browser Opera has recently publicized about launching a new browser with an in-built cryptocurrency wallet feature. The novel browser Opera 60 (a.k.a. Reborn 3) includes an intrinsic cryptocurrency wallet dubbed Opera Wallet and a Web 3 explorer, which empowers users to trade transactions and network with blockchain-based Internet-Web 3. A virtual private network (VPN) feature is also provided to augment users’ confidentiality and sanctuary.

The Opera Wallet ostensibly harmonizes with the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera browser for smartphones, so as the wallet keys never leave the users’ smartphones.

With the assimilation of VPN service, the corporation intends to guarantee users’ security and confidentiality by launching a coded tunnel that “safeguards users’ data from third parties and secures their geographic location.”

Opera in July 2018 initially proclaimed the addition of a built-in cryptocurrency wallet to its Android browser. Product manager Charles Hame the product manager of the company stated that we anticipate speeding up the changeover of cryptocurrencies from hearsay and investment to being used for authentic payments and transactions in our users’ normal lives.

In March 2019, Opera broadcasted the approaching unveiling of Opera Touch for iOS, a Web 3 browser with an assimilated crypto wallet and support for Ethereum (ETH) and interfaces with decentralized applications (DApps). Earlier, Opera introduced an innovative amenity that permitted users in multiple countries, i.e., Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to buy Ethereum via an Android version of the browser.

Previously, brave- a blockchain-based browser that blocks ads and website trackers, aligned with Cheddar-a news website to bid its users a limited time free access to premium content. Also, Brave is the default browser on Exodus- an HTC’s native blockchain phone.