Opera browser now supports TRON

Opera, one of the most popular internet browsers in the world has confirmed its support for TRON and all of the TRC-standard issued tokens. The web browser has announced that the coins will be supported and integrated into the in-build crypto wallet of Opera’s Android version.

The blockchain was first adopted last year by Opera, but there are no clear indications about its current success. Based on the fact that every crypto project out there will take any partnership you give it, this new-found friendship with TRON is neither a good sign nor a bad one.

Opera integrated the blockchain as a commitment to the Web 3.0 system which aims to adopt a new semantic web experience to provide a more open and transparent internet.

TRON will not benefit from this

Although it seems like TRON is moving up in the world thanks to these partnerships with big-name companies, it is still hard to believe that success is achievable with the system they have now.

If the ex-CTO of TRON was speaking the truth in his post, it is very likely that TRX has very few years left in its lifespan. At this point, the unfair division of the voting power does not affect the platform as there aren’t too many participants. But once the platform grows and the coin becomes much more recognizable, the disparity is going to just cave in on itself and simply implode.

Once again, unless TRON improves its alleged centralization issue, there is no partnership in the world that can save it as a Blockchain system.