OpenAI to join Washington tech lobbying group BSA

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  • OpenAI is joining BSA | The Software Alliance in an attempt to impact AI policy all over the world.
  • BSA’s 2024 agenda includes proposing comprehensive AI regulation and setting rules for high-risk AI use, among other things.
  • By becoming part of BSA, OpenAI will be able to take part in important policy discussions.

OpenAI is joining BSA | The Software Alliance as a global member. This aligns OpenAI with a prominent industry group that advocates for the interests of software companies in policy and regulatory matters. 

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Based in Washington, DC, BSA represents some of the most important software companies in the world. By joining this influential group, OpenAI will be able to take part in important policy discussions. Such cooperation will help introduce regulations that balance between technological advancement and public safety.

BSA pushes for comprehensive AI legislation

The 2024 policy agenda of BSA focuses on building public trust in AI through comprehensive legislation. The agenda includes measures to regulate high-risk AI applications, enforce robust data privacy laws, and enhance cybersecurity protocols. OpenAI’s membership is expected to significantly boost these efforts, providing valuable insights from its extensive research in AI.

OpenAI’s involvement comes at a critical time as governments globally are increasingly focusing on AI regulation. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and India are actively developing frameworks to govern AI use. The participation of OpenAI in these discussions aims to ensure that AI regulations are practical and effective.

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BSA has been at the forefront of AI policy development through initiatives such as “AI Policy Solutions.” This framework provides comprehensive guidelines for responsible AI innovation, including mandatory impact assessments for high-risk AI and strong national privacy laws. 

Moreover, BSA’s 2024 agenda emphasizes the modernization of government IT systems and the promotion of digital trade. These policies support the adoption of AI and other emerging technologies, benefiting businesses and consumers alike. 

Along with BSA, OpenAI has many collaborations. They partner with Microsoft whereby they incorporate their AI models in products and services offered by Microsoft Corporation. Also, OpenAI works together with different research institutions aiming at advancing artificial intelligence technology while tackling ethical issues related to it. These associations demonstrate the dedication of OpenAI towards promoting creativity as well as responsible development of AI within various domains.

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