China dominates global generative AI patents race

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  • China leads in generative AI patents with over 38,000 filings from 2014-2023, surpassing the US significantly.
  • India shows the fastest growth in generative AI patent filings, indicating a rising focus on AI innovation.
  • Chinese companies like ByteDance and Alibaba drive the surge in AI patents, reflecting China’s strategic focus on AI.

China is leading in the global race for generative AI patents, filing over 38,000 patents from 2014 to 2023. This figure, reported by the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), positions China significantly ahead of the United States, which filed 6,276 patents between 2014 to 2023. 

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Companies from China such as ByteDance and Alibaba are key contributors to this surge, with significant patent filings. These companies, together with OpenAI from Microsoft, are leading the charge in developing and patenting generative AI technologies. This competitive scene shows the increasing importance of AI across various sectors, including autonomous driving and publishing.

Generative AI patent filings rise globally

South Korea, Japan, and India are also key players in the generative AI patent race. India has particularly shown the fastest growth in patent filings, indicating its rising focus on AI innovation. The active participation of these countries highlights the global nature of AI development and the widespread recognition of its possible effects.

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The growth of generative AI, which produces texts, pictures and songs, has been swift. The rise in patent applications mirrors the increasing importance of these technologies to various sectors. The competitive race for patents shows how much strategic premium is placed on artificial intelligence innovation as countries and organizations struggle for technological supremacy.

The consequences of this trend are highly significant. The countries with large numbers of patents are likely going to shape the future of AI paradigms or reference models. The affected leadership in this area can determine the AI rules and policies around the world, the standards of conduct for AI systems, as well as the general trends in the industry. Also, the current competition may act as a motivation to encourage cross-border collaboration and push more developments in AI systems altogether.

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