UK deploys AI cameras to monitor drivers for mobile phone use and seatbelt violations

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  • AI cameras are being tested in the UK to detect phone use and seatbelt violations inside vehicles.
  • Drivers are liable to be penalized for not wearing a seat belt or using a phone while driving.
  • The establishment of AI cameras is a preventive measure for traffic violation problems. 

The UK authorities are currently trialing AI-powered cameras that are capable of watching and recording what is happening inside cars through the use of Artificial Intelligence. These cameras are used to monitor and enforce the ban on the use of hand-held mobile phones and non-wearing seat belts while driving. 

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According to the report, the trial involves police forces in Durham, Greater Manchester, Humberside, Staffordshire, West Mercia, Northamptonshire, Wiltshire, Norfolk, Thames Valley, and Sussex.

New technology detects phone use and seatbelt violations

The AI cameras are a significant step in traffic monitoring because they can detect drivers using phones or those not wearing seatbelts. These cameras take pictures, which are then analyzed and forwarded to the police for further action.

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Presently, drivers are liable to be penalized with a £500 fine for not wearing a seat belt and a £1000 fine for using a mobile phone while driving, besides incurring penalty points on the driver’s license. The application of this scheme aims to enhance the apprehension of offenders and decrease reckless driving activities. 

“The introduction of AI cameras will inevitably catch many drivers out on UK roads, leaving them with hefty fines and penalties. Although it is illegal to hold or use a phone while driving or travel without a seatbelt, unfortunately, many motorists fail to follow the rules.”

Jake Smith, director of Absolute Reg

The National Highways trial of the new cameras began in February and will continue until March 2025. If the AI cameras are effective, they could be used across the country to apprehend thousands of offenders who endanger themselves and others on the roads. 

“We know that distracted driving and not wearing seatbelts were key factors in a high number of incidents that resulted in people being killed or seriously injured. Working with our police partners, we want to reduce such dangerous driving and reduce the risks posed to both the drivers and other people.”

Matt Staton, Head of National Road User Safety Delivery at National Highways

Preventive measures target common traffic violations

The establishment of AI cameras is a preventive measure for traffic violation problems. Since these cameras are capable of detecting and forwarding reports of offenses, they can help reduce the occurrence of distracted driving as well as the non-use of seat belts.  

The trial’s success may open the doors for the use of AI cameras, resulting in more traffic law breakers being apprehended by the cameras. The deployment of AI-enhanced cameras represents a significant step towards creating a safer driving environment in the UK. 

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