OpenAI Introduces Memory Feature for ChatGPT


  • OpenAI adds a memory feature to ChatGPT for better conversations.
  • Users can control what ChatGPT remembers and ask it to forget things.
  • OpenAI prioritizes privacy and safety, ensuring sensitive information isn’t stored without consent.

OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence firm, has introduced a memory feature for its ChatGPT platform to enhance user experience and make conversations more helpful. This update allows ChatGPT to recall previous user interactions, providing a personalized touch to conversations.

Putting users in control

In a move towards greater transparency and user empowerment, OpenAI has ensured that users retain full control over the memory feature. Users can explicitly instruct ChatGPT to remember specific details, inquire about past conversations, or direct the AI to forget certain information directly or through the app’s settings. 

This hands-on approach allows users to tailor their interactions to their preferences and privacy concerns.

Privacy and safety standards

Addressing potential privacy implications, OpenAI emphasizes its commitment to evolving privacy and safety standards. While user-generated content, including memories, may be utilized to improve AI models, OpenAI assures users that they can opt out of this data usage through the app’s data controls. 

Additionally, steps are being taken to assess and mitigate biases, ensuring that ChatGPT refrains from proactively remembering sensitive information unless explicitly requested by the user. This includes safeguarding personal details such as health information unless authorized by the user.

Mitigating biases and enhancing safety

As the deployment of AI memory raises concerns about biases and data privacy, OpenAI acknowledges the importance of addressing these issues. By implementing safeguards and controls, the company ensures that ChatGPT adheres to strict privacy standards and avoids retaining sensitive information without explicit user consent. 

Furthermore, OpenAI encourages users to utilize the temporary chat feature for discussions where memory retention is not desired, providing an additional layer of privacy and control.

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