OmiseGo and MVL partner to reach new heights in Blockchain tech

OmiseGo and Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) two known giants to be of the Blockchain world have come together to reach new heights of research and innovation in the blockchain areas.

The MVL protocol is successfully demonstrating its usability and effectiveness through the recently launched Singapore based riding service TADA. While on the other hand, OmiseGo is one of the leading Ethereum payment gateways.

The partnership is focusing on the inception of a new Proof of Concept (PoC) that would not only confirm the effectivity of the MVL systems but would also determine if the two platforms have long-term sustainability together.

Well, who doesn’t love a crypto affair and the one that would also open gateways for new blockchain application possibilities for the world are like the first born baby that receives all the attention.

This, however, is not the first union of a service provider and a technology provider. IOTA is already working with Volkswagen for autonomous cars as announced in June last year.

On the other hand Mercedes Benz producing company, Daimler AG has also jumped on the Blockchain bandwagon with their digital currency MobiCoin to promote safe driving.

This partnership is however unique in the sense that both the services are already operational and are expected to yield great research results.

TADA has a network of over two thousand taxi drivers on the platform earlier in November, on the other hand, the payment platform is already a leading and one of the most successful cryptocurrencies of our time, i.e., Ethereum.