NFT Pangolin partners with MOMA to launch an NFT auction

NFT Pangolin


• Miss Universe Malaysia will have its own NFTs
• NFT Pangolin has become the main bridge of the NFT trade in the Asian continent

Recently, the regional market in Asia for virtual auctions, NFT Pangolin, talked about its partnership with MUMO, which would correspond to the acronym for Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation. According to reports, the agreement aims to launch several collectible pieces to take advantage of crypto-based technology.

Since 2017, NFT trading has been present throughout the virtual market, being the most profitable option for artists, musicians, and sportswomen looking to add value to their images. It is a technology that originally supported global artists and a sense of giving value to their pieces but eventually spread to other areas, including the beauty pageant in Asia.

NFT auction at Miss Malaysian Universe

NFT Pangolin

The NFT auctions arrive at the most anticipated pageant in Asia. The Malaysian Miss Universe prepares its entire team for the launch of MUMO. NFT Pangolin has collectible pieces that will also be open for sale within the Zetrix Blockchain. Reports indicate that Zetrix works as an open Blockchain and offers Smart Contract and strong security and privacy scheme.

NFT Pangolin complies with informing that the face of the finalist contestants in the 2022 contest will be appreciated in the virtual auction. However, there are no reports on the cost of the virtual pieces or when their collection will be published.

Daly Elaine, MUMO national director, clarifies that all societies are adapting to new technology and her team also seeks to be part of it. Ella Daly recognizes that the technology industry is growing, bringing innumerable profits to those who know how to take advantage of these advances.

Project MYEG and NFT Pangolin

NFT Pangolin

The Pangolin NFT platform has been on the front page of infomercials for weeks after partnering with MYEG to launch a joint project. According to reports, NFT Pangolin plan was called Compare by MYEG and NFT-Pangolin, which aims to enable a platform for virtual auction enthusiasts to buy and obtain car insurance plans.

Mohamad Norraesah, the CEO of MYEG, believes this project will motivate buyers to mint NFTs. But Mohamad believes this plan will show his list of users the new technology and its benefits.

The MYEG plan was executed in the first days of May, and according to its director, it will have limited availability. For fans of new technology to receive a free NFT, they must look at and purchase auto insurance through the official MYEG website.

NFT-Pangolin would correspond to an extension of Zetrix, the Asian Blockchain, which would be entering the non-fungible market. The Dapp is reportedly growing rapidly, serving large associations and commercial firms across the continent.

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